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Hello 2021! - It's so nice to finally be able to say that 2020 is done and dusted, and although we still have a lot of challenges ahead of us, there's more positivity and promise of a better year than we have had.

It's so nice to be back blogging on my usual Sunday schedule! For the whole month of December (minus the last week) I have been uploading a post a day as part of the Blogmas challenge. I loved it, but I'm so happy to have the time to sit and write posts at my own time and pace again. I had thought about when I would post after Blogmas and decided that actually, I didn't want to force anything. So instead of my usual NYE/New Years Day uploads, I decided to just hold off until today and I'm glad I did as it has allowed me to mull over all of my new year goals. So let's get onto them...

Firstly I have actually decided not to set resolutions this year, controversial I know! 2020, as we all can agree, was a year that didn't quite go to plan. So with this in mind I don't want to put pressure on 2021 being a certain way. Let's face it 2021 doesn't actually need to do a lot to better the year we've had! What I have done instead are 2021 goals that are achievable, reachable and less likely to make me feel like a failure when we reach this point in a years time when reflecting. I'm going to set goals monthly, and hopefully reflect on these to make sure I have met them at the end of the month. 

January's Goals

- Run 10K every week 

- Make 30 sales in my small business

- Write and upload blogposts every Sunday

- Read a book 

I'm trying to keep myself feeling positive and hopeful for the year ahead which if you know me will understand how hard this has been over the last couple of months. I'll get there, and hopefully having a couple of goals to keep my mind busy will be a good thing too. 

So until next week, stay safe and Happy New Year! 

Blogmas Day 25 | Happy Christmas 2020


I just wanted to pop on this morning to wish everyone a really lovely Christmas. I know it's going to be different, but however your spending it I hope it is as great as it can be. Next year will be different, I just hope and wish for it. I will be spending the day zoom calling with my brother, my grandparents and other family members, so fingers crossed technology plays ball today!

Today's blogpost is a short one, but I didn't want to pass the opportunity to thank you for reading my Blogmas posts this year - who knew I would be able to do the whole 25 days without missing one! I will be taking lots of photos today documenting the day, so I will do a little roundup/update in tomorrow's extra Blogmas post.

So until tomorrow, hope you have an incredible Christmas!

Blogmas Day 24 | Christmas Eve Traditions


Well this is a different kind of Christmas Eve post than normal. For the past 5 years of uploading Blogmas posts, Christmas Eve would be one of my favourites where I would share all of my traditions. Yet another thing 2020 has stolen from us. We always knew this year wouldn't be full of our normal Christmas festivities, but I had hoped some of our traditions might be in place still if even from a distance. Sadly not, thanks Tier 4!!! 

Instead this year we will be making some new traditions, as well as being able to still do a few of our old favs, so perhaps they might even join our list! 

Christmas Eve Walk
2020 should be known as the year we stayed home, yet went on 20393093 walks! One thing I will be thankful for is how nice it is to be entertained with so little. Going on a little walk is fresh and a great way to clear your mind. We've decided to go on a little one to get a little bit of exercise and to start our Christmas 'week' off to as good a start as we can get. 

Christmas PJ’s
This is a tradition that my mum and I have done for the last few years and probably the most treasured considering we're all about comfort these days! I tend to buy my mum and I our Christmas PJs in the January sales the year before. I am so thankful I did this last year as I wouldn't have had much of a chance to properly browse this December. I've also got my Dad a pair of PJs this time and I know he will love getting involved. This years ones are from Marks and Spencers and are glorious!

Christmas present wrapping
Since I can remember, my dad and I have always spent Christmas Eve wrapping up my mums and brothers presents together. I know this year he felt like he was given the gift of time by working from home so has actually done a lot of his wrapping already, but he promises me he might have a few bits and bobs to do with me! 

Christmas movies
Watching a good Christmas movie is a must on Christmas Eve. I usually watch a movie as I'm going to bed as we would have had a busy day popping here there and everywhere with family. Obviously this year we will have a lot more time to chill. We've actually already purchased a selection of Tesco party food that we will warm up and have on our little table to pick at whilst watching something on the tele. I think there's actually going to be a nice selection of new Christmas specials this year which will be perfect to settle down to before bed. I probably will watch a classic 'Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the movie', which is a childhood special. 

blogmas day twenty four

Let me know if you have any Christmas Eve traditions and if you're going to have to change any of them up this year. We normally spend the day visiting family, attending a church service and then having a fish and chip dinner. I'm gutted this won't be the case this year. 

I'm still not sure what sort of post I will upload on Christmas Day, or if I will upload a double whammy Boxing Day instead. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading my Blogmas posts this month, they have gone by so very quickly and I've had so many lovely comments. I've truly found my love for blogging again and am looking forward to continuing in 2021, although I can say I am looking forward to not publishing everyday! 

Have a lovely Christmas, sending lots of love to you if you need extra warmth xx

Until next time,


Blogmas Day 23 | Last minute gift ideas


Ever been in the position where you forgot to buy that one last present for someone and now know that ordering online won't get it to you in time? Trust me, we've all been there! Making sure everyone is ticked off your present list can be a big task so I thought I would compile a little list of bits and bobs I think would make the perfect last minute gift for anyone and everyone! I'm actually going to be doing some of these ideas myself this year, especially some I-O-U'S for the new year.

Gift Vouchers
Let's be real everyone loves a gift voucher. Especially if a gift card means the receiver can pick their own gift cutting out the handing over of a gift receipt awkwardness that sometimes occur. The wonderful thing about our online world is how quick and easy it is to print off an E-card. So whether you plan in advance or buy 5 minutes before Christmas Day, you can make sure you get the gift that gifts itself! My faves are ASOS, Amazon and Apple! Lots of local businesses offer E vouchers too, so you can show someone you love them whilst supporting local at the same time.

This is something my family tend to gift a lot and isn't as lazy as it sounds. I-O-U is basically a little note/card that says you will be doing something for them in the future. In the past I have received these to let me know I will be going out for the day, going to the cinema, having money for a specific product, the list goes on. This year these little vouchers are extra special as we have all missed out on so many occasions. I know I want to take my parents out for afternoon tea when its safer to do so, and would also love to treat the whole family to something special too.

If you've read a few of my previous Blogmas posts then you will know I am no stranger when it comes to a little bit of handmade gifting! Obviously this one depends on owning the right tools, but it can be easy to do if you don't have the time to wait for something to come in the post. Why not take an old frame, decorate the outside and pop in a special photo to make it personal? Create sticky letters out of card and paper and create your own poster? Honestly have a look on Pinterest, the ideas are endless! 

That's it for today, let me know if you have any last minute present ideas or what you're planning on doing for gifts this year. 

Until next time, 

Blogmas Day 22 | Glossybox Advent Day 13-21

It's time for another Glossybox Advent Calendar update! This time I'm going to be sharing what was behind doors 13-21! I honestly can't believe how close we are to Christmas Day, this month has felt like the longest yet shortest one ever and it doesn't feel real. So let's take a look inside the last week of advent calendar goodness!

Warning this is a very picture heavy blogpost!

What was your favourite from days 13-21. I think it might be a draw between the Huda Beauty lipstick or the Fenty beauty highlighter! I'm so excited to give these both a try, it's just a shame only my front room will see!

Until next time, 

Blogmas Day 21 | Gift wrapping ideas!

What's better than an evening/afternoon spent in-front of the television wrapping up all of those last minute Christmas presents? I love wrapping gifts and pulling together a little present theme for people. At this point I have a variety of ribbons, bows, papers and decorations to make Christmas a little bit special for someone, we all know it's needed this year. 

I take Christmas way more seriously than it needs to be and try to think out a little theme. This year I decided to stay clear of last years classic brown paper and ribbon for something a little more fun. I actually bought my paper before the OG lockdown in March from Ikea for 10p a roll and absolutely loved how cute the little drawings are. To match the paper I opted for white sparkly ribbon and pink/blue bows. This paper is so easy to wrap with and if I'm able to get to an Ikea early on next year (fingers crossed) then I will try and get some more. It's the perfect thickness that holds the shape perfectly. Ikea - who would have thought it! 

It makes me laugh when I write a whole post about Christmas wrapping when in reality I'm not going to be doing anything different this year than a basic wrap with ribbon and bow, but it's nice to see some examples of what you could do if you're wanting something to fill your time with. So enjoy some of my presents below along with some inspiration from good old Pinterest!

Until next time, 

Blogmas Day 20 | A very different Christmas

In the aim of documenting this crazy crazy year, and being completely open and honest, today's post is going to be quite a short one. At the time of writing this post (1am on 20th December 2020) I actually had another blogmas post planned, which I am going to now post on Monday, featuring some present wrapping ideas. It didn't feel right to hit publish with what's happened in the news and it certainly doesn't reflect my feelings. 

When deciding on doing Blogmas again this year I knew I wanted to keep things upbeat, happy and very festive over on my blog. So if you're looking for something like that then please scroll down to read all of my past posts this month. If we're being honest I have really struggled with my anxiety over the last couple of weeks and the latest Tier 4 news in my local area has really thrown me. My family, like many others, are now having to face a quieter Christmas. Our plans were always going to be small as we've followed the restrictions and rules to a T, but to hear we now can't even spend one day with my brother who's beautiful girlfriend is a NHS nurse working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is heartbreaking. I have so many emotions and am gutted for all those in the same position as us who will be finding the news tough. Please know that my messages are always open for anyone that needs it. 

Stay safe, until tomorrow x