Yankee Candles galore!

So I may have gone a little crazy in the past few weeks regarding a certain brand of candles...
So in my defence they were on a crazy discount which I feel makes it totally acceptable! 

So the candles in question..

Summer Scoop £0.84p each - I picked this candle up a couple of weeks ago in House of Fraser at my local shopping centre. The candle smells like strawberry ice cream and when its being burnt it lets off a sweet shop scent! (Which I totally love). I also picked up this cute butterfly bowl to place my candles in. This was also on a HUGE discount and I got it for £1.80. 

Sicilian Lemon £1.00 - This candle smells really fresh and 'clean' when being burnt. I bought this for my bedroom to go with my Summer Scoop candle and they go so nicely together! This candle reminds me so much of being on holiday which I love!

(This is how the candles look currently on the plate in my bedroom. I love the way that this is arranged)

Candy Corn £8.49 - This candle was bought at a huge discount! I got it from an outlet shopping centre and have looked online to buy this again but can't get hold of it anywhere! The candle smells a mixture of popcorn and candy. It is a perfect Halloween themed candle, hence the image on the glass. It really makes the room smell so sweet and it is currently sitting in my kitchen ready for october! 

Camomille tea and Red Berry and Cider £8.49 each - Both of these candles were bought as presents for family friends for christmas. The Camomile tea reminds me so much of my grandparents house as it has such a sweet and clean scented smell. Red Berry and Cider pretty much sums up the scent of christmas for me. We always get a real christmas tree and the decorations sometimes have a scent within them that makes the tree smell nice. This is what the candle smells like. I love the bright red of the candle also as it gives off a really 'wintery' feeling whenever I see it!

Hope you enjoyed this first 'lifestyle' post. I love buying candles as they can really set up a mood! Let me know what candles I should be getting next time I am out! 

Clothes and more!

My final post of bits that I got at LFW is going to be about clothing. A lot of stalls there were doing SUPER discounts, however a super discount to me is £100 reduced to £20, not £459 reduced to £359! So it was safe to say there was little options for me to buy bits from! I did manage to get two shirts which I really do love that were not so expensive and where more in my price range.

The first top is a lovely white lace style t-shirt from designer splendid. This was £20 and I just love the detailing. I think this will look perfect with jeans and can be worn in both winter and summer. There were only a couple of these out on display and the lady had said that it is one of their bestsellers and they were the only two left! So I was suckered in and bought it!

The other item I got was a cream top from designer Ella Moss. It is a little big for me but I like the more larger style as I feel less restricted when wearing the items! I can also put a small vest top underneath it too. I think this will also look lovely with jeans casually, but can look great with a skirt for a more formal look! This top also has lovely lace detailing on the shoulders and at the back which I noticed on the catwalk was also something that has been re-coccuring! 

For the past couple of years that I have been to LFW I always buy a annual subscription to ELLE magazine. This year was no different. Something fun this year (same as last year really) is that they gave away two items of Benefit makeup. The two items in question was 'They're real' mascara and 'Hoola' bronzer. This is something that I am so excited to try as I have read all over the blogging world that it is one of the best bronzers out there! So I'll let you know what I think! 

Finally a smaller item that I got was this book called '642' things to draw in fashion. This is something different as it states what to draw and you can draw it however big or small you want to! This was £13.99 and I just LOVED the quirkiness of it. I also thought that I could take with me to use when on the way to university on the train. 

Thank-you for reading my little collection of London Fashion Week posts and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did writing. Leave your website links and I will come and check out your blogs and hopefully follow/comment also. I love looking at new blogs! 

Thanks again! x

Maybelline goodies!

This year Maybelline were the official makeup sponsors of London Fashion Week so had various stands around Somerset house. Something exciting was that Mollie King from the saturdays (who I have already stated was my fashion icon) had collaborated with Maybelline to design her own lipstick colour. I had read about this before going and wanted to make sure that I picked one up when I went. I was standing around the maybelline stand and the lady gave me and my mum one of the lipsticks and said we could have it! I have literally never felt luckier!

The colour is not as scary on the lips as it is in the tube. The packaging is lovely and pink and has Mollie's signature on the side which gives it an effect of how limited it is! I am not sure whether this will be released in shops but I will definitely keep my eye out if it does and let you all know!

Something else that Maybelline were selling where these 'beauty boxes' for £10 that had a particular look inside. As a paler person I wanted one that I knew would suit my skin tone and that I knew I would wear as an everyday look. I went for 'pure enhancement'.

The box included a Brow drama sculpting brow mascara in Dark Brown which is a little too dark for me so will be giving this away to my mum! It also included a Mega plush mascara in very black. Which is something I actually wanted to buy myself when I next went to boots so that was a bonus! Dream touch blush in Berry was also included which really matches my skin tone to give a natural blush which I love! Finally it came with Baby Lips in Hydrate and a Colour show nail lacquer in 'Nebline'. The baby lips has no colour so will be perfect for prepping the lips for lipstick and the nail varnish is a lovely neutral pale pink shade and something that I think I am going to love! I love that I had only paid £10 for the box and once I had added everything up it had come to £25-ish so I defiantly found a bargain!

I really like the way they packaged this box and presented it as it makes it appear exciting to buy and I spotted the box right away and wanted it! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

London fashion weekend goodies!

*Warning this post is very picture heavy!

I was going to write and post this post later on in the week/weekend but I was far to excited to look through everything I had bought and got at London fashion week that I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop myself from using the bits I had got!

Starting with the goody bag.

This year the goody bag has been designed for London fashion week by the designer 'Sister by Sibling'. It is a contrasting and bright fun bag this year and is totally different to the Mulberry one from last year! Inside the bag was a number of goodies! 

Inside was a Maybelline New York volume express colour shock mascara in shade electric blue. I have never tried a colour mascara before but am excited to try this one out! Also included was a Lavazza coffee granuals. This was also included last year and I LOVE the way the coffee tastes! 
Something that I had never heard of before was 'Beauty Candy'. Apparently it is the treats that the models have been eating backstage but I am yet to try it! An interesting item in the bag was kusmi tea. I haven't tried this either but it smells lovely! Maybelline were the official makeup sponsers this year and they included a limited edition one in the bag. The shade is a bright red and has a 'leather' effect. I have always wanted to try one of these so am so excited to finally have one to experiment with! Finally LFW has collaborated with Label. M again and have given away a small hairspray and Protein spray. This is something that was also given last year and I loved the quality of the product! 

So that was everything in the Goody Bag! I have a couple more blog posts coming soon with some final bits from LFW! But I am so excited to go again in February! If anyone has been let me know how you found it? I definitely thought it was more busier this year but with less stalls! Get in touch below! 

Thank-you! x

London fashion weekend!

For the past two years one of my most favourite things about september is London fashion week, which is then followed by London fashion weekend. This is an open event for the public to shop and buy products from designers at a reduced price and to celebrate the close to fashion week.

My mum and I had got tickets for 'Shop and the Lot'. This ticket type means that we are able to get the goody bag (Post coming soon of what was inside the bag!) and a ticket to shop along with a ticket to the fashion show.

Unfortunately due to the 'designer' side of the shops the pricing was a little... a lot out of my range. Despite that small issue I still had a lovely time and bought a few bits and pieces! which I will show in a later blog also.

I was so excited to go to see the fashion show as it is the first one that I have ever been too and it didn't disapoint! We were given a allocated time of 4:00 which was perfect as by that time we were tired of wandering around and ready to go. We were sat in the second row which gave us a perfect view!
There were four different 'collections'. There was Pretty in pink, Back to nature, Shape up and Victoriana. The final collection was my favourite as the patterns were gorgeous!

The host of the fashion show was also lovely and made the event really enjoyable. I had the best time ever and can't wait to possibly attend more shows in the future! They even gave us chocolate as we were leaving!

Sorry that this post was a little picture heavy but I really wanted to capture the excitement of the catwalk! Let me know in the comments what you want me to blog about in the future!