Autumn Tag!

The Autumn tag

I had planned for todays blog to be my first outfit of the day along with some winter makeup/hair ideas. But it appears that as unpredictable as the UK weather is we are experiencing another rainstorm. So I am going to have to leave that to the weekend.. 

I decided to do another tag called 'The autumn tag'. This was created by  Georgina so make sure you go over and look at her answers and complete the questions. Likewise to her blog she is not tagging anyone in particular to do the questions but its open for everyone! I will be tagging some of my favourite blogs to do it but if you feel like doing it comment below your link and I will check it out after! Enjoy :) 

For Autumn, what is your...

1.  Favourite thing about it?  My favourite thing about Autumn is the fact that you can wear big baggy jumpers and not be too hot!

2.  Favourite drink?  Nothing beats a hot cup of tea on a cold day! (So british of me!) 

3.  Favourite scent/candle?  At the moment I am obsessing over my 'candy corn' yankee candle. It is sold out on their website at the moment but I believe it will come back into stock around Halloween time. 

4.  Best lipstick?  Either my MAC frosted lipstick in shade 'Bombshell' or my Revlon moisturising balm stain in 'Lovesick'. 

5.  Go to moisturiser?  My favourite body moisturiser is Dove. I do not have a name for this but it smells like coconut and was also my go to product throughout the summer too! I also love Hand Food by soap and glory for a hand moisturiser. 

6.  Go to colours for the eyes?  The eyeshadows that I am currently loving are out of my Naked 2 palette. I use 'Bootycall' all over my lids. I then use a small amount of 'YDK' in the crease. I put a small bit of Verve on the middle of my lid. And then i lightly use blackout to line the outercorner of my eye. I go for a very neutral palette throughout this season! 

7.  Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?  I am loving Ariana Grande's new album at the moment. My most favourite is 'Tattooed Heart'. 

8.  Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)?  My favourite outfit is my Skinny Jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and a random top with a long cardigan with my Doc Marten boots. A scarf and a leather jacket also finish off the look! 

9.  Autumn treat?  I am going to be splurging on a new coat from zara! It is going to be perfect for walking to and from University in! 

10.  Favourite place to be?  At home all snuggled up in my pyjamas. I love just having a cup of tea and a movie inside when it is raining! 

So they are my answers, I look forward to reading yours! 
Some of my favourite blogs that I have tagged are...


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