London fashion weekend goodies!

*Warning this post is very picture heavy!

I was going to write and post this post later on in the week/weekend but I was far to excited to look through everything I had bought and got at London fashion week that I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop myself from using the bits I had got!

Starting with the goody bag.

This year the goody bag has been designed for London fashion week by the designer 'Sister by Sibling'. It is a contrasting and bright fun bag this year and is totally different to the Mulberry one from last year! Inside the bag was a number of goodies! 

Inside was a Maybelline New York volume express colour shock mascara in shade electric blue. I have never tried a colour mascara before but am excited to try this one out! Also included was a Lavazza coffee granuals. This was also included last year and I LOVE the way the coffee tastes! 
Something that I had never heard of before was 'Beauty Candy'. Apparently it is the treats that the models have been eating backstage but I am yet to try it! An interesting item in the bag was kusmi tea. I haven't tried this either but it smells lovely! Maybelline were the official makeup sponsers this year and they included a limited edition one in the bag. The shade is a bright red and has a 'leather' effect. I have always wanted to try one of these so am so excited to finally have one to experiment with! Finally LFW has collaborated with Label. M again and have given away a small hairspray and Protein spray. This is something that was also given last year and I loved the quality of the product! 

So that was everything in the Goody Bag! I have a couple more blog posts coming soon with some final bits from LFW! But I am so excited to go again in February! If anyone has been let me know how you found it? I definitely thought it was more busier this year but with less stalls! Get in touch below! 

Thank-you! x


  1. I wonder what "beauty candy" is! I've never heard of it either. Nice post!

    1. I made my dad try them and they are really good apparently!

  2. Hi! Loved this post! :)
    I saw your comment on my blog, maybe we can follow each other? :)
    I'm following you :)

    1. Just looked at following you and I already am! Love your blog too!


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