London fashion weekend!

For the past two years one of my most favourite things about september is London fashion week, which is then followed by London fashion weekend. This is an open event for the public to shop and buy products from designers at a reduced price and to celebrate the close to fashion week.

My mum and I had got tickets for 'Shop and the Lot'. This ticket type means that we are able to get the goody bag (Post coming soon of what was inside the bag!) and a ticket to shop along with a ticket to the fashion show.

Unfortunately due to the 'designer' side of the shops the pricing was a little... a lot out of my range. Despite that small issue I still had a lovely time and bought a few bits and pieces! which I will show in a later blog also.

I was so excited to go to see the fashion show as it is the first one that I have ever been too and it didn't disapoint! We were given a allocated time of 4:00 which was perfect as by that time we were tired of wandering around and ready to go. We were sat in the second row which gave us a perfect view!
There were four different 'collections'. There was Pretty in pink, Back to nature, Shape up and Victoriana. The final collection was my favourite as the patterns were gorgeous!

The host of the fashion show was also lovely and made the event really enjoyable. I had the best time ever and can't wait to possibly attend more shows in the future! They even gave us chocolate as we were leaving!

Sorry that this post was a little picture heavy but I really wanted to capture the excitement of the catwalk! Let me know in the comments what you want me to blog about in the future!

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