Yankee Candles galore!

So I may have gone a little crazy in the past few weeks regarding a certain brand of candles...
So in my defence they were on a crazy discount which I feel makes it totally acceptable! 

So the candles in question..

Summer Scoop £0.84p each - I picked this candle up a couple of weeks ago in House of Fraser at my local shopping centre. The candle smells like strawberry ice cream and when its being burnt it lets off a sweet shop scent! (Which I totally love). I also picked up this cute butterfly bowl to place my candles in. This was also on a HUGE discount and I got it for £1.80. 

Sicilian Lemon £1.00 - This candle smells really fresh and 'clean' when being burnt. I bought this for my bedroom to go with my Summer Scoop candle and they go so nicely together! This candle reminds me so much of being on holiday which I love!

(This is how the candles look currently on the plate in my bedroom. I love the way that this is arranged)

Candy Corn £8.49 - This candle was bought at a huge discount! I got it from an outlet shopping centre and have looked online to buy this again but can't get hold of it anywhere! The candle smells a mixture of popcorn and candy. It is a perfect Halloween themed candle, hence the image on the glass. It really makes the room smell so sweet and it is currently sitting in my kitchen ready for october! 

Camomille tea and Red Berry and Cider £8.49 each - Both of these candles were bought as presents for family friends for christmas. The Camomile tea reminds me so much of my grandparents house as it has such a sweet and clean scented smell. Red Berry and Cider pretty much sums up the scent of christmas for me. We always get a real christmas tree and the decorations sometimes have a scent within them that makes the tree smell nice. This is what the candle smells like. I love the bright red of the candle also as it gives off a really 'wintery' feeling whenever I see it!

Hope you enjoyed this first 'lifestyle' post. I love buying candles as they can really set up a mood! Let me know what candles I should be getting next time I am out! 


  1. Yum, Summer Scoop is heavenly! I'm becoming addicted to Yankee Candles atm! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and with regards to Benefit blushers, I really like Hervana and Sugarbomb on my pale skin, Coralista not so much :) x

  2. I haven't seen the Halloween candle before! It looks so cute :) x


  3. Oh my, that Halloween candle, I need it! Off to try and hunt it down now. Wish me luck!
    Hope to speak soon, your newest follower,
    Laura xx


    1. Good luck with your search! If you find it online let me know as I want to stock up on more!!


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