Lush Goodies!

Decorative milk bottle from Wilkinson and Faux Flowers from Ikea
On saturday I did my theory test and passed!! So I thought that it would be a good excuse to treat myself to some new lush goodies! I did however get a little bit too into the christmas section and have managed to pick up some of my old favourites and one new little treasure that I am sure I am going to love!
First of all is 'golden wonder'. I have done a blog post purely dedicated to this bomb which can be read here! I have been debating picking this up since I used up my last one from last christmas the other week and finally gave in! I am going to stocking up on this one in the next few weeks so when they take them out of lush I have enough to keep me going!

This one is a bit of a random buy. I believe that this bath bomb called 'Ickle Robot' is aimed at babies but I love it. Whenever I go into lush with the aim to get a good selection of different bath bombs this one is always on my list. There website states that it 'All the essential oils in this ballistic have been selected for being soothing and calming for baby. Not only does this contain sleep-inducing oils, but everything has been selected to be mild, gentle and soothing for skin and any itchy bits.'. This statement is so true as whenever I use it I always feel so relaxed and chilled. 

 'Cinders' is another one of my christmas favs. The orange pips you can see on the front are popping candy that once touches the water makes the bath fizz and make popping noises. This turns the water a lovely orange colour and makes the whole room smell of champagne. It is great for a little pamper evening! This is another one that I am going to be stocking up on.
 Finally this 'Snowman Ballistic' is a new try for me. When I was looking at all the new christmas bits I asked one of the shop assistants which one he would suggest and this was the winner. Apparently it has cocoa butter and natural oils within that make the skin feel so soft and moisturised. I am yet to try this but have a feeling that this is going to be something that I am going to be wanting all year round!
My local lush were doing a weekend event where you can donate a pound and get a small pot of hand and body lotion. I picked this up and although there is a small amount within the tub I think it is going to last a long time. This is also a great size for my bag for uni as my hands always feel so dry and horrible after travelling on a train. 

I hope you liked this post and are enjoying my little reviews that I have been doing. I have enjoyed writing them. Let me know what lush products you have been loving and don't forget to leave your blog urls below! 

All products bought from lush
Golden Wonder Ballistic- £3.50
Snowman Ballistic- £2.50
Cinders Ballistic- £2.45
Ickle Robot- £1.95


L'Oreal foundation review and FOTD

The other day in my haul post I had mentioned buying the new L'Oreal nude magique foundation in shade 100 porcelain. I have decided to review this product as well as show you how I did my makeup for the day that I wore it.

When I picked up this foundation in boots there were not a lot of stock left of these (guessing they are popular!) but I swatched away and found that the lightest shade worked best for my skin tone (surprise surprise). When first applying this product I had applied some moisturiser before because my skin tends to go dry in the winter and other foundations I have used in the past needed this as a base to get the best coverage. I needn't of bothered though because the foundation went on perfectly and blended really well. It also was so lightweight that it didn't feel like I was wearing anything at all. The coverage is light- medium, which is fine to hide away some of the redness. I used a little bit of concealer under my eyes but the foundation did a good job of covering most damage under my eyes anyway! The finish of this foundation is liquid to powder and it does a great job of doing that. Because I have dry skin, like I already mentioned, liquid foundations and products in general do not sit well with me, so I steer towards powders. For £6.99 (introductory price, soon to be £9.99) this foundation is well worth picking up. This is the first drugstore foundation that I have tried and I am so impressed. I am a lover of the YSL touché eclat and this is definitely in the same category as that! The only thing I would change about this product, like I said in the haul post, is that it has a screwable lid and not a pump!  Other than that this foundation gets 4 stars from me! (see pictures below of foundation in use!)

Todays makeup is more of a natural look and one that I can wear on a day to day basis, as well as using some products that I have wanted to try out for ages!

Both of these photographs were taken without flash in front of my bedroom window to let in natural light.
The products I used to create this natural look were

                                -L'Oreal paris nude magique foundation in 100 Porcelain
- Rimmel London wake me up concealer in 010 ivory
- Rimmel London stay matte powder in 001 transparent
- Urban decay Naked two palette, Bootycall (all over the lids)
- L.A Colors Wine and roses palette, second one in. (through the crease and lash line)
- Model Co eyeliner in Black 01 (along upper lash line, then smudged it out)
- Maybelline the colossal volume express mascara in Electric Navy
- Benefit Hoola Bronzer (along temples and under cheek bone)
-MAC Launch Away Satin Blusher (just above the contour)
- MAC Frosted lipstick in Bombshell
-Max factor lipgloss in 04 pink romantic

I hope you enjoyed this post, it is something a little different to what I have done before. If you would like to see more of this style of post then let me know :)


Drugstore make up haul!

One of the main problems of going to a London based university is that there are always little shops that call my name to go into them, and as a polite person I can't just ignore those callings so this is when products are bought that I perhaps don't need, BUT am going to store them in my little treasure chest of makeup anyway!

So the first shop I went into was called 'Beauty Base'. I have been in here a few times now and every time I go in new things are on display. LA Colors are a brand I have been quite unfamiliar with in terms of makeup products and seeing as there seemed to be rows, and rows and rows, of nail varnishes I decided to pick up a few. Also seeing as they were only 99p I thought why not.
The colours I picked up are called Sassy Sparkle and Broken Hearted. The first thing I thought when I walked in the store and saw these little nail varnishes was that they were the mini sized OPI ones. The names remind me so much of these products too! Broken hearted is a gorgeous pink glitter with gems and sequins in and reminds me so much of the minnie mouse special edition bottle that OPI released. Sassy sparkle, (what a name!) is a gorgeous white glittery polish which I know is going to get a lot of use come christmas time, and I am really looking forward to creating cute nail art with this one!

Sorry that the picture is a little blurry was hard to get the pic in focus. The base colour I used was Barry M Pomegranate

Another polish I picked up was this 'art deco' nail art lacquer in silver glitter. I have always used rio nail art tools so wanted to try something different, and a little bit cheaper. I knew that I needed a silver one so thought it would be a good tester polish! In terms of colour it comes out true to bottle and dries relatively quickly, which was something I was impressed with. The striper tool is also quite good as it always quick or slow movements in straight lines. I am defiantly going to go back and pick up some basic colours when I get a chance, for 99p you can't really go wrong!

I also bought this L.A. Colors palette in 'Wine and roses'. These colours are what I tend to always gravitate towards when buying eye shadows. Some of these colours reminded me of the ones that I have in my Naked 2 palette so wanted to see how close they were. The palette consists of 5 metallic colours from light pink to brown. I know already from swatching this product that the first and second pinks are going to be favourites of mine. They do come with a small brush, but I tend to use my own makeup brushes. It is good for travel though! This was also 99p so felt like it was a bargain!

the above photo was taken with flash and bottom without.

The final thing I brought was from Boots. I have been seeing this foundation advertised in so many different magazines and online and from different bloggers that I had to go and pick it up and try it for myself. The foundation I am talking about is L'oreal Paris nude magique eau de tent foundation. As a paler person I got it in 100 Porcelaine. I am yet to wear this product but am going to do a full review of it once wearing it for a couple of days. I swatched this in the shop and must admit that it really did live up to what they had stated of a powder finish. One thing I do have a problem with is the fact it doesn't have a pump which makes it a little awkward to apply but I am sure that it will work out ok! I bought this product at the introductory price of £6.99 which for what the reviews have said was a good bargain also! I would defiantly recommend getting it and trying it for yourself!

Hope you enjoyed my little haul! Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them!


Barry M nail varnish collection!

I know having 17 polish's is a little bit crazy!

I had planned on doing a nail tutorial post today, however the nail gods were not in my favour as I had a few nail difficulties which left me with much shorter nails than I wanted so that post will have to wait.
Nail varnish is one of my weaknesses and I spend far to much of my money on those little bottles of goodness. I have never had my nails done professionally at a nail salon because I love doing them myself so as you can imagine over the years I have gone through a lot of bottles. 

One of my favourite varnish brands has to be Barry M. I know that they are being spoken about quite often here on the blogging world, but they really do live up to the hype. The bottles are priced between £2.99-£4.99 which for the quality you get out of them is really good. They have the finish of a salon paint (so I am told) which is really good. They also seem to last a really long time. I still have the first ever one I purchased which works fine!

Left- 54 Clear, Right- 43
This top and base coat is really great although when using it make sure that your nails are fully dry or it will move it slightly if tacky! The polish on the right was the first ever Barry M Product that I bought and is still one of my favourites. As this was when Barry M first came out they didn't have names for the colours, so this one is simply called number 43.

Left- Marshmellow, Right- Burgandy Croc
These are two of my nail effect varnishes that make a simple manicure look super cute with an accent finger or two! My only criticism is that these varnishes are a pain to get off but I love them regardless!

L-R, Pink silver glitter, Aqua glitter, Black multi glitter
I am a sucker for glitter polishes and these live up to my expectations! As they are a nail paint they are thick enough to paint two coats and they are opaque enough without a bottom layer of colour. My favourite of the three is the black glitter on the end as it glams up a simple black mani!

L-R- Berry, Limited Edition 325, Mauve, Peach Melba and Turquoise
These are my basic nail paints and all of these colours are so wearable, although the limited edition pink and peach melba are fantastic summer holiday colours!

L-R- Grapefruit, Pomegranate,Blood orange, Blueberry, Guava 
These polishes are part of the 'Gelly Hi shine' collection. They only need one coat of polish and dry to a shine so no top coat is needed. They dry relatively fast and really do look like a salon manicure when finished. My favourite of the moment has to be Guava on the end as it is such an unique colour and goes with almost every item of clothing that I have in my wardrobe.

You can buy Barry M nail varnishes online and in stores at Boots, Superdrug and many other cosmetic stores. I really do suggest to get your hands on some, they will definitely not disappoint!

Thank-you for reading this post and let me know which polishes you know, or think I need to add to my collection in the comment section below!

I am also thinking of doing a collaboration for christmas here on blogger, so let me know whether anybody would be interested in doing this? 

Thankyou again!

Liebster Award

One of the very first comments I received when starting this blog a couple of 
months ago was that I had been tagged to complete the Liebster Award tag. A lot 
has changed since I first completed the tag and I have gained more followers and
 more page views which I feel very grateful for. I always read through these tags as 
I love finding out more about someone through their blog. I was tagged to do this 
today by the lovely Ava so make sure you go and check out her blog as it is a great 
read for fashion and vintage readers alike!

The rules of the tag

1) Link the blogger(s) that nominated you. 

2) Answer the 10 questions your nominator has asked. 

3) Keep the chain growing by nominating 10 of your favourite bloggers who
 have less than 200 followers, and let them know. 

4) Create 10 interesting questions for your nominees to answer. 

My answers to Ava's questions!

1) What is your favourite brand of make up ?
My favourite brand of makeup is a mashup between MAC and Maybelline.
2) What is your dream job ?
I have always wanted to be a fashion designer. Although I will be happy with
 anything to do with the fashion industry.
3) Four Places you have always wanted to travel to ?
Australia, New York, California and New Zealand. 
4) If you could go back in time what era would you go back to ?
The 1920's probably, I love Audrey Hepburn
5) your idol or inspiration ?
I have said on many occassions that Mollie King from the saturdays is one of
 my fashion idols, but since reading Alexa Chungs book 'IT' I have found a love
 for her style! 
6) Do you have any talents ?
I guess you could call me fashionless..
7) What is your favourite tv show ?
Kardashians, Dance Moms or The only way is essex (I have to admit though 
I only watch it because it is filmed where I live!)
8) Who is your favourite fashion designer or favourite clothing brand ?
My favourite designer has and will always be Alexander Mcqueen. 
9) If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be ?
Erm, Mcqueen.
10) What is your favourite colour ?

The People I Tag are..

My Questions are..
1. If you could be someone else for one day who would you be?
2. What is your favourite drink from Starbucks?
3. What is your go-to makeup look
4. What do you have on your nails right now?
5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
6.What is your favourite film?
7. Who is your celebrity crush?
8. Whats your favourite high street store and why?
9. Do you prefer winter or summer?
10. What is your dream job?

Let me know when you have completed the tag by comment the links 
to your blogs down below! I would love to check them out and have a 
cheeky read to see your replies to my questions! 


Lush, Golden Wonder review!

Guess whats back, back again.. ok so I wont burst into song but seriously this is a big deal! I was wandering past my local lush store the other day and my eye was drawn to one particular item in the window. Lush Christmas Goodies are back in store!

Last year I was introduced to these wonders and ever since have been feeling a total hole in my life where they once were. Snow Fairy and Golden wonder where just a few of the christmas products I tried and being the silly person I am I didn't think about stocking up on them..(I will be this year don't you worry!)

I decided to pick up Golden wonder this time as a way of slowly making my way back into christmas (yes the C word again..)
(This happened in my attempt to move the bath bomb)

The appearance of Golden wonder is so beautiful that it makes me a little bit sad that I have to use it up every time. It is a Yellow bath bomb that is in the shape of a present and covered in golden glitter. It is the one lush product I have tried that has the glitter on the outside and I love it! Also when you shake it you can hear that there is something hidden inside, which really adds to the overall christmas effect!

(Sorry that some of the pictures have shadows/not framed nicely, Was very hard to photograph the bath bomb quickly!)

Once being used in the bath this is where all the magic and Christmassy goodness happens. It explodes
into a yellow colour then begins to change into a gluey/green with small golden stars shooting out everywhere. This then continues until the bath bomb has all gone. The bath is then left with a shimmery aftermath which looks gorgeous, but is a pain to clean up after bath time!

 It smells as amazing as it looks with the scent of champagne and orange. It is definitely a must have for christmas and I for one am not going to make the mistake of not buying many of these for next year.

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb- Lush- £3.50 each
I believe this is sold October-December

September Favourites

Sorry this post is a bit late but I can't quite believe that october is already here! It seems like just yesterday it was the summer holidays and now preparations and the excitement for winter and christmas (yes I said the C word) is upon us!
I have begun to think about future posts and a couple of ideas I have had are winter OOTD's and christmas DIY. so look out for them!

I have been using lots of new beauty products this week that I have been absolutely loving!

The first product being Hand food from 'Soap and Glory'. I don't want to hype up the product anymore than it has already been, but.. it is pretty amazing! I have dry skin and have tried pretty much every hand lotion that you can. E45, Dove and Simple naming a few but none have lasted a long time. Whatever is in the formula of this product is so long lasting I only have to apply it once after a shower/bath and it lasts until the next time I have a shower/bath.

My next product I have been loving this month is the 'Grease lightning' spot treatment from 'Lush'. I wouldn't say that this product removes the spot but it defiantly reduces the appearance of it remarkably! I usually put this on any areas of redness before I go to bed and after I have washed my face. One thing to note on this product is that after application it really dries up the skin so can be a little annoying.

Another item I have been using everyday is the 'Baby lips' moisturising lip balm. This is a new thing to the UK so we are a little bit behind on this craze, but it is one that I am really loving right now. The one I have been using more often is the Hydrate one. It smells of lemonade (I think) and feels so lovely on the lips. I have also been using it as a base for my balm stain to mute down the colour a little bit.

A bit of a random product that I have been using everyday and has been constantly in my bag for uni is this cute body spray from 'Gilly Hicks'. It is in the scent 'Annadale Moore', which is really sweet and fruity. Basically it is yet another product that I like that smells of a sweet shop when being sprayed!A sweet shop in a good way obviously. It is a little awkward size as it is not really designed for being in your hand bag but it is not too big that its heavy to carry. One thing I would say is that you do need to reapply it a few times to make the scent stay throughout the day.

My final beauty favourite is Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. Like many people who rave about this product, I find that this mascara has some magic power of extending the lashes without me looking. It really has the affect of wearing false lashes when your not!

So there are my favourites! Sorry they were a bit late. I would be really interested in seeing what yours are so leave your links below so I can read and comment on them!

Products mentioned
Hand Food by Soap and Glory- £7.00
Grease lightning by Lush- £5.95
Baby Lips 'Hydrate'- £2.99
Gilly Hicks body spray- £10.00
Benefit they're real mascara-£9.50