Barry M nail varnish collection!

I know having 17 polish's is a little bit crazy!

I had planned on doing a nail tutorial post today, however the nail gods were not in my favour as I had a few nail difficulties which left me with much shorter nails than I wanted so that post will have to wait.
Nail varnish is one of my weaknesses and I spend far to much of my money on those little bottles of goodness. I have never had my nails done professionally at a nail salon because I love doing them myself so as you can imagine over the years I have gone through a lot of bottles. 

One of my favourite varnish brands has to be Barry M. I know that they are being spoken about quite often here on the blogging world, but they really do live up to the hype. The bottles are priced between £2.99-£4.99 which for the quality you get out of them is really good. They have the finish of a salon paint (so I am told) which is really good. They also seem to last a really long time. I still have the first ever one I purchased which works fine!

Left- 54 Clear, Right- 43
This top and base coat is really great although when using it make sure that your nails are fully dry or it will move it slightly if tacky! The polish on the right was the first ever Barry M Product that I bought and is still one of my favourites. As this was when Barry M first came out they didn't have names for the colours, so this one is simply called number 43.

Left- Marshmellow, Right- Burgandy Croc
These are two of my nail effect varnishes that make a simple manicure look super cute with an accent finger or two! My only criticism is that these varnishes are a pain to get off but I love them regardless!

L-R, Pink silver glitter, Aqua glitter, Black multi glitter
I am a sucker for glitter polishes and these live up to my expectations! As they are a nail paint they are thick enough to paint two coats and they are opaque enough without a bottom layer of colour. My favourite of the three is the black glitter on the end as it glams up a simple black mani!

L-R- Berry, Limited Edition 325, Mauve, Peach Melba and Turquoise
These are my basic nail paints and all of these colours are so wearable, although the limited edition pink and peach melba are fantastic summer holiday colours!

L-R- Grapefruit, Pomegranate,Blood orange, Blueberry, Guava 
These polishes are part of the 'Gelly Hi shine' collection. They only need one coat of polish and dry to a shine so no top coat is needed. They dry relatively fast and really do look like a salon manicure when finished. My favourite of the moment has to be Guava on the end as it is such an unique colour and goes with almost every item of clothing that I have in my wardrobe.

You can buy Barry M nail varnishes online and in stores at Boots, Superdrug and many other cosmetic stores. I really do suggest to get your hands on some, they will definitely not disappoint!

Thank-you for reading this post and let me know which polishes you know, or think I need to add to my collection in the comment section below!

I am also thinking of doing a collaboration for christmas here on blogger, so let me know whether anybody would be interested in doing this? 

Thankyou again!


  1. Amazing colors! =D
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


  2. great post! my favorite nail varnish! would you like to follow eachother?

  3. wow i envy your collection ^^

    1. Thank-you! I literally use every single one of these polishes! which shows how often I change my nails! xxx

  4. Such a great collection. I have two Barry M nail polishes and really like them. I ordered them online because I can't get them in stores here in Germany. Otherwise I'd probably have a lot more! Haha.


    1. I think you can get them on amazon for quite cheap? although you don't get the newer colours I don't think? xxx

  5. I LOVE barry m nail polishes, they are amazing and are so cheap as well! I always pick them up on 2 for £6, the gelly ones are my favourite :)


    1. They are one of the only brands that have weekly deals on their collection! I love the gelly ones the best too!

  6. The Barry M Gelly colours are becoming my absolute favourite! So envious of your collection, I need to build mine up desperately! :)

    Elle x

    1. Haha this collection is years in the making but I agree the Gelly ones are by far the best! xx


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