September Favourites

Sorry this post is a bit late but I can't quite believe that october is already here! It seems like just yesterday it was the summer holidays and now preparations and the excitement for winter and christmas (yes I said the C word) is upon us!
I have begun to think about future posts and a couple of ideas I have had are winter OOTD's and christmas DIY. so look out for them!

I have been using lots of new beauty products this week that I have been absolutely loving!

The first product being Hand food from 'Soap and Glory'. I don't want to hype up the product anymore than it has already been, but.. it is pretty amazing! I have dry skin and have tried pretty much every hand lotion that you can. E45, Dove and Simple naming a few but none have lasted a long time. Whatever is in the formula of this product is so long lasting I only have to apply it once after a shower/bath and it lasts until the next time I have a shower/bath.

My next product I have been loving this month is the 'Grease lightning' spot treatment from 'Lush'. I wouldn't say that this product removes the spot but it defiantly reduces the appearance of it remarkably! I usually put this on any areas of redness before I go to bed and after I have washed my face. One thing to note on this product is that after application it really dries up the skin so can be a little annoying.

Another item I have been using everyday is the 'Baby lips' moisturising lip balm. This is a new thing to the UK so we are a little bit behind on this craze, but it is one that I am really loving right now. The one I have been using more often is the Hydrate one. It smells of lemonade (I think) and feels so lovely on the lips. I have also been using it as a base for my balm stain to mute down the colour a little bit.

A bit of a random product that I have been using everyday and has been constantly in my bag for uni is this cute body spray from 'Gilly Hicks'. It is in the scent 'Annadale Moore', which is really sweet and fruity. Basically it is yet another product that I like that smells of a sweet shop when being sprayed!A sweet shop in a good way obviously. It is a little awkward size as it is not really designed for being in your hand bag but it is not too big that its heavy to carry. One thing I would say is that you do need to reapply it a few times to make the scent stay throughout the day.

My final beauty favourite is Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. Like many people who rave about this product, I find that this mascara has some magic power of extending the lashes without me looking. It really has the affect of wearing false lashes when your not!

So there are my favourites! Sorry they were a bit late. I would be really interested in seeing what yours are so leave your links below so I can read and comment on them!

Products mentioned
Hand Food by Soap and Glory- £7.00
Grease lightning by Lush- £5.95
Baby Lips 'Hydrate'- £2.99
Gilly Hicks body spray- £10.00
Benefit they're real mascara-£9.50


  1. Love your blog xx

  2. your blog is so cute, oh i love the 'they're real' ! x

  3. I really want to try the Benefit they're real mascara, it sounds great!

  4. The hand food is so good <3

    I adore your blog, it's so cute! (I followed you too :D)

    -Abbie xx

  5. Great post! I love the Benefit they're real mascara!!! Please check my blog and maybe become a member if you like it( I followed your blog it's lovely...)

  6. really great pictures :) i like it very much!
    Maybe we follow each other !?
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    Greetings & happy sunday!

  7. I love Baby Lips! I have to try this one ;) Also I really have to try They're Real mascara - so many people love it!

  8. Already loving the Hand Food, and I need to try the Grease lightning and the mascara now!

    I really love your blog! Maybe you would check out mine sometime - we could do a follow for follow if you like to? x

  9. Lovely blog :) just found you from L is for Ladybird and am a new follower! Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me too?



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