October Favourites!

I can't believe how quickly the month of October has gone! Seems like it was just yesterday that it was september and I was starting Uni and now it has just become routine for me!  A few good things happened this month such as passing my driving theory test and becoming more confident on this blogging site! I can not wait until next month and christmas! (Seeing as it is now one month before, I can start posting my Christmas DIY tutorials!)

Anyway onto the real meaning behind this post.. My favourites!!

I have been trying out a few new beauty products that I either bought this month, or started using this month.

Hoola by Benefit- This is one product that I always wanted to try but felt like it wouldn't match my skin tone what so ever. I only just a small amount on my brush and then blend it into my cheek bones and temples. This gives such a natural tone and I love the way it looks on my pale skin!

L'oreal Paris Nude magique eau de teint-  I wrote a review on this the other day which can be read here. I love the finish this foundation has on my skin! I have read a few reviews and they say that it leaves the skin a little dry, I haven't had this case! On some applications this can happen but after blending and setting with the powder this soon goes away. I can't believe how similar this foundation is to my all time favourite touch√© √©clat!

Kiko Face brush 106- Linking in with the foundation this brush is something that I picked up in Italy on my holiday in the summer. This brush is so soft and blends in to the skin perfectly. Something different to all the different foundation brushes I have previously tried is the handle to it. It is so light and easy to hold which makes the application much easier than before!

MAC Launch away Satin blush- This is my all-time favourite blush. I was bought this blush as a gift last christmas and have been using it ever since and am yet to hit the pan! It blends lovely with hoola so they have  become my go to duo for cheeks this month.

Fuchsia Flash by Maybelline- I got this lipstick for free at London fashion week and have been a little hesitant to use it seeing how bright it was. I have been using a little of it and have noticed how far it goes! I use Baby Lips Hydrate before I apply to make the colour blend into my lips a little more and have seen how natural this can actually look! This has been worn every day to uni so far!

Batiste dry shampoo in floral and flirty blush- This is something that probably reflects my university life fully. I wouldn't call myself lazy but being someone with longer hair it takes hours (ok half an hour) to dry after washing it. Also sometimes it is nice to add a little volume to the hair instead of hairspray. This also smells lovely which is such a bonus!

Random Favourites

Alexa Chung It- I picked this book up from urban outfitters during fresher week and have only just began to read it. At first I found it a little confusing as to what I was reading about as it seems really unstructured and spontaneous. Alexa has basically written a book about all of her favourite things (which is really fitting for this post!). She starts talking about her favourite people and her inspiration and goes on to talk about her make up idols etc. I love this book and how vintage it looks! Such a lovely bedtime read!

Panda Hat- I had a hat like this last year but have managed to lose it which I was so gutted about! whilst browsing through Primark the other week I found this hat and instantly picked it up! This hat fits so nicely and is such great quality for Primark and is something that I am going to wear all the time this winter!

Animal Print Scarf- With the weather changing I have been bringing this scarf with me everywhere just in case of any sudden climate change! I bought this scarf in Italy and love the quality and texture of it. It is so soft and keeps my neck so warm when wearing it!

I hope you liked this style of post, I will be posting one each month. Let me know what favourites you enjoyed this month and If you have done a post like this leave the link below!



  1. Great favorites! I can totally relate to you about the dry shampoo! I have longer hair and if there is one thing that I hate about it the most is blow drying it. So dry shampoo is great for those lazy days.


  2. I love Maybeline lippies and the l'oreal foundation is meant to be good, haven't given it a go yet :(


  3. Loving the panda hat, I feel this may be a purchase I will be making next week!



    1. Go to primark they had loads of different animals!


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