Top 4 christmas decoration!

Following on from my previous two posts I am still on the hunt for the most perfect christmas decorations for the inside of your home/bedroom. 


One store that have really surprised me and have upped' the game in christmas deco this year is wilkinson. ( They have updated their website to make it so easy to find their christmas decorations, and have even split their decorations into 4 trends which consist of various colour schemes or themes of animals throughout. This is something that I feel other stores don't really address much but is something I definitely look for when shopping for decorations! I am really drawn to their 'berry' collection which is, as you guessed, involving reds and tartan within. 

Fleece throw £8.00
This fleece would look so cute thrown over the bed with mountains of pillows all over the top of it! I don't think anything says christmas without snuggly cushions and wrapping yourself up in a blanket watching christmas movies!
Decoration £1.50
The first thing that drew me to this item was the chain that it was attached with. It is so different and sweet that I think I am going to have to buy this for myself for my little christmas tree that goes in my bedroom.
2m Garland £3.00
I am guilty to have already brought this item from wilkinson. It is just so adorable and turns the room to automatically look christmassy so effortlessly. The twine that it is on is also cute which I personally think makes anything look and feel like christmas and present giving!

Sign £2.00
I don't think anything shouts, MERRY CHRISTMAS quite like a sign that states just that. This would look really good on the back/front of a door or on your wall, it basically will look and feel like christmas anywhere!
Star pegs £1.00
I love this idea of putting up a piece of string and then attaching your christmas cards or photos with these pegs. I have bought some similar to these but will be buying this also so I can display some of my fugifilm instax camera photos!
Bottle basket £8.00
I saw this and automatically fell in love with it? It is such a simple item, yet looks like so much effort has been made into putting it together. This would just look perfect sitting on your side or just below your christmas tree. It is one of them items that you just want to have although you don't know what you will do with it!

Above are some of my favourite bits from wilkinson, let me know what you have bought for decorations this christmas or what you think I need to get!

Lots of love

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