Top 4 christmas decorations!

For the penultimate edition of my christmas decoration favourites I have been searching in a bigger store for some items that I love. Debenhams, is a huge department store that sells items from washing machines to clothes and computers to toys. It is a HUGE shop and they really go all out with their trends for each season.

Candle £7.50
This candle is a subtle decoration that could probably be left out all year round, but in the christmas season with the right scented tea light inside can represent christmas fully!

Angel £9.75
I love the shape and decoration of this angel, it is so poignant in the meaning of christmas and looks so elegant and stunning. I would love to have this on my side in my bedroom or even down by a fire place.

Snow globe £22.50
I have always wanted a christmas snow globe! I love the idea of shaking them up and seeing the snow fall down on top of the creature inside! There is a tutorial online of how to make your own snow globe so I may be trying that out in the future! (let me know if this is something you would like to see).

Advent calendar £27.20

Every year I buy a advent calendar full of little chocolate surprises, something different is this wooden calendar. I love this idea as you can reuse it every year and put anything you want to inside. I have had my eye on the nail varnish calendar but alas it is far to expensive for my pocket to handle so this may be a good alternative! You can then put in chocolates or beauty products to only use once you get to that day!

I hope you liked some of these finds. I know that Debenhams is a little bit more costly when it comes to items like these however I feel they are such good quality that I wanted to share them!

Lots of love

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