Top 4 Christmas Decorations!

Every year I vow to myself that I will decorate my bedroom to appear and look all christmassy, and every year without fail this doesn't happen. As a family we do the usual traditional things of getting the tree on the first saturday of December, Advent calendars and candles, but my bedroom is one I always forget to do. Probably because my bedroom is so pink and flowery all year round it is quite difficult to make it appear christmassy.

For some reason this year high street stores have really caught onto this trend which leads on to my top 10 christmas decorations from some favourite high street stores (or easy accessible websites)! I have decided to split this in to separate posts! 


For this first post I wanted to start with a website that I probably shop at the most, and use their store probably the same amount too! Next! (

Something that is so good about their store is the fact that you are able to shop online until 10pm to get next day delivery to your home...which is good when it comes to buying christmas presents last minute! Their website is also easy to navigate through as they have a separate tab dedicated to christmas present ideas, decorations and cards/wrappings. Basically everything you need, all in one place! 

Stocking £10.00

Stocking £8.00
I love the idea of having a stocking up in my bedroom and both of these are so different but equally as cute! The top stocking is much more based along the vintage theme that has become more frequent amongst stores and websites. I love the writing on the bag and how effortless it looks. The stocking below that looks more traditional but in my opinion looks so chic to have pinned up on your wall. (Or hanging off a door handle if you don't want to make marks in the wall!)
Christmas card holder £18.00
Seeing as christmas is the time of giving and receiving christmas cards it is nice to display some of your favourite ones up on the wall. This is such a great idea as it is function able, pretty, and could be used to showcase some of your favourite things after christmas!

String of hearts £5.00
These decorations are smaller and more discreet when it comes to decorating your bedroom, however the tartan pint and middle quote of 'We believe' makes it perfect for christmas festivities.
Bunting £10.00
 I am lucky enough to have a bed that has a gorgeous massive head to it, that means I can intertwine fairy lights and buntings through it. This is something that I am going to be buying and ordering as soon as I have finished writing this post as it will be perfect for christmas! This also links into the idea of vintage-ness!
Table top christmas decoration £20.00
Finally this little tree decoration would be perfect for the christmas season. I currently have a vase of fake flowers in my bedroom which, don't get me wrong, looks adorable but it screams summer and the sun. For winter I am going to replace it with something similar to this! I think this is also fun as you could decorate with fairy lights, small strands of tinsel or ribbon and add some of your favourite tree decorations! This is also a must have on my christmas list thats for sure! 

I hope you enjoyed this style of post and are looking forward to some of my other favourite decorations from well known high street and online stores. I am going to try and post my top 5 before december so you can get ready for christmas! 

Lots of love!


  1. Great post! I love christmas decor, thanks for the inspiration, these are so cute. I'm following you now on gfc, google+ and bloglovin. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch :D



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