Blogmas day 11!

Hello again! Christmas cards are always sent out this time of year and I for one LOVE to receive them. I know it is much easier to buy cards from a shop in a multi pack but it is so much easier to make them yourself. I have been getting my creative flair going this year and have made some cards for my family and friends. Although mine are not completely finished yet, there are some great ideas on Pinterest. If craft is something you are interested in then you really should check the website/app out as it is full of various craft ideas that you didn't even know you were looking for.

I really suggest you check out the website for other ideas for diy as well. They have some great present ideas. You can really search for anything and I guarantee that you will get some sort of result!

I apologise in advance if you become addicted to the website after reading this post!

Check out pinterest over at


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