Blogmas day 12!

For this post I have decided to share with you my christmas wish list. I have done a few posts previously about what to buy others and after speaking to some family members asking me what I wanted for christmas it got me thinking about what I actually needed.

1. Beat Headphones
These have been on the top of my list for a little while now as my headphones only work in one ear which makes the travel in and out of uni quite a struggle. Hopefully these will make me look a little bit cooler as well (fingers crossed!).

2. Real Technique makeup brushes
After seeing many bloggers reviewing these brushes I decided that I would quite like to own some of my own. To be honest I rarely use different brushes and stick to my regular ones that I know work well but have heard nothing but good things about all of these brushes.

3. Marc Jacobs Perfume
Ever since I went on holiday to Lake Garda in the summer I have wanted to own this perfume as it smells so fresh and grown up. I don't own a really nice perfume so this would be a really nice treat to have!

4. Rio nail art kit
These nail kit pens are something that I owned a couple of years ago and loved the way that I could use these pens to create the designs on the nails. There are so many different kits that you can get from pastel colours to neons or classic to sparkly.

5. Doc Marten chelsea boots
As an obsessive of Doc Marten boots these are something that look so different. They look so casual yet smart and I think I would be able to wear these all the time to uni. They are rather expensive so I reckon I may have to save up for these for a while!


  1. I've got those real techniques brushes on my wishlist too. Love those doc M's

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Hey Helen! I have tried to check out your blog but it won't let me :( Says it is private?


  2. Doc Martens and Real Techniques Brushes are on my list too! I have heard such great reviews on the brushes, I feel like I need to check them out! :)

    Maggie D. xx


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