Blogmas day 19!

A couple of days ago I shared a post about putting together a few gifts called 'mistletoes'. This is something that I have decided to do for my auntie. I collected the bits from my local drugstore and I bought the bags from wilkinson for one pound! I shredded some silver paper to put on the bottom of the bag and then placed some of the items on top of that. I then sealed it with a silver tie which keeps it all together.

I love the way that this has turned out as it is really personal as you can buy whatever you think that person would like. I also liked how you can add some of your favourite things for somebody to try out, for me this was the soap and glory hand food product.

Let me know what you think of this stocking idea!


(Also apologies for the photographs not being of high quality. My camera was unavailable!) 


  1. You have given me so many Idea's on Christmas gifts, Thank you :)

    Also I tagged you in the TMI tag, over on my blog, hope you have the chance to do it :)

    Lovely post as always! <3

    ~Abbie~ x

    1. I did the tag on my blog! Hope you had the chance to check it out :)



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