Blogmas day 7!

christmas gift guide!

I have really been struggling this year with what to buy for my mum for christmas. However I have finally put together a few ideas that I have decided to buy for her as well as some other ideas that could come in handy for birthdays or just a treat!

Lush Cosmetics
If you have been reading some of my previous posts you may have noticed how obsessed I am with Lush Bath Bombs. This is something that I am trying to pass onto my mum. She isn't as keen on these as I am but she does like the bath melts and scrubs so she will be having one of these in her stocking! Lush is a really great shop to go to when thinking of bath products and although you can spend a fortune in the shop, the individual prices of one or two are very reasonable. 

The Body Shop
Every christmas the body shop always put together great little gift sets including some of their top selling products. I can usually count on my grandparents to put a small gift set like the one I listed above in each of my cousins and my small stocking. The body shop are doing a really cute gingerbread man theme at the moment which is really in trend with all of the christmas stores themes this year! (I also secretly can't wait for the shops to put some of these items into the sales in the new year!) 

Every year me and my brother have always bought my mum a pandora charm and this year is no different. The new collection of christmas 2013 charms were put onto their website a couple of weeks ago and I must admit I am a little bit in love with the mittens charm. Although these charms can be a little pricey there are some other less expensive charms that you can buy which I feel look just as nice. 

When buying anything for my mum clothes wise next is always the number one place that I go to. We have quite a big Next in my hometown and in my nearest retail shopping centre so we are always going into there. Next is also one of them shops that does on trend stuff at affordable prices. Although the clothes are relatively cheap they are really good quality. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had found my favourite pair of leggings EVER in Next and ever since then I kind of rely on Next for decent outfits! They are also doing some cute christmas themed jumpers this year which I really want to buy for myself let alone for my mum! 

Zara is another one of them stores which I have a fling with now and then. At the moment Zara is really overpriced for what I can afford therefore I haven't been in it as much. My mum mentioned the other day that she really wanted a lovely warm winter scarf. A few bloggers have reviewed some of their thick double sided woollen scarves so I thought that I would have a look and have bought one of these for my mum. Fingers crossed she likes it! 

Hope you liked some of the picks I have found and let me know which ones are your favourite! 
Happy Christmas


  1. Great blog! I would indeed love us to follow each other :) Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin' ! xx

  2. Just came across you blog and loved reading all of your blogmas posts so far! I totally forgot about lush, top of my christmas shopping list now!! I would love to follow you on bloglovin, but I can't seem to find you!



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