Blogmas day 8!

gift guide for him

I have put together a couple of ideas for a gift guide for some of the men in your life. I know that I struggle with getting my brother and dad presents as they don't ever give any hints or ideas of things that they want!

Ipod/Iphone/Ipad/Touchscreen gloves
Most people have touchscreen phones or iPods now and its always a pain having to put your gloves on and off throughout the winter season. I know this is something that I have used for a little while now and it makes such a difference! I am not sure of the science behind how they work but I think that it has something to do with small bits of wire wrapped within the fibres on the fingertips of the gloves. They are also really affordable and you can buy them for various prices. The best bet is to check online and see what stores do the best deals!

Nike Fuel band
This is something that my parents bought for my brother last christmas and it is something that he has worn all year to track how he is getting on with his training. It also works as a watch which means he doesn't have to have a lot of different things on his wrist. The bit I find most cool about it is that you can take the band apart and plug it into a laptop/ipad and update your details from the band onto a online account so you can keep track whenever. It also acts as a stepometer! They can be quite pricey but are great for everyone!

Something I always find that goes down well at christmas is a film of any kind. My brother is a big kid at heart so I have bought him the new despicable me film which he loves. There has been some great films on this year which I believe are all being released this month and I am sure that they will have some good deals where you can buy them. You can't go wrong with a film!

Although in the UK it is rubbish weather most of the winter/spring, so they don't really count for now but Toms are a great shoe for a great cause. When you buy one pair another pair is sent out to a child who needs it the most. This ethic behind the company is really good and it makes the somewhat expensive price tag seem worth it. I have thought about buying my brother some of these so he can save them for his holiday next year.

Crew Hair Gel
Boys are always using hair gel as much as they deny it they have as much hair products as girls do. This one by crew is a really good salon quality gel and doesn't leave little white bits in your hair like some high street brands do. It is also very affordable but can be a little stocking filler!

Everybody loves a festive sock. If you are not given a pair of socks at christmas then you are really missing out! There are some great ones being sold at Topman at the moment for quite a good affordable price. I also believe that there is a deal going on at the moment where you can buy a few different pairs for a reasonable price. So make sure you go and check them out!

Hope you like some of these ideas and let me know if you found them helpful!


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