No7 Nail varnish collection

I know I usually post on a Sunday, however I couldn't wait any longer to post about this little collection of nail varnishes. I got this as a present from my auntie, uncle and my little cousins at christmas and just love everything about them! I am a huge nail varnish freak, and after clearing out my polishes I have managed to be left with more than I started with (weird right!?). The consistency of the colours are just on spot. I tend to use them with a base coat and a top coat so that helps to make the varnish glide on easily. Two coats of these and your mani is complete! 

In the set comes Totally Teal, Devils Delight, Damson Dream and Hot to Trot. I love how all the beauty companies are starting to name all of their varnishes as looking at old No7 varnishes in my collection they are left nameless. Each varnish comes with 4ml of nail paint inside which seems to last forever.

Have you tried any No7 nail varnishes?


  1. Haven't tried any but it looks great

  2. Sometimes we all come across posts at random, glance at them, press a like button without bothering to actually read the post, or move on to another post, I did however take the time to read your post, I cannot reply to your question about trying any No7 varnishes mainly due to the fact that I am a fella, but I did enjoy reading it and now know that the earlier brands had no name, which is interesting, keep collecting and blogging about your passions - Best wishes Alan

    1. Thankyou for reading and taking the time to comment!

  3. Love the purple! xx



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