January Favourites!

Can you believe that it is already the end of January and beginning of February. I know I can't. The start to 2014 has already been incredible and I haven't even started back at university yet! (crazy I know!)

This month I have tried out some really great products and have even rediscovered some of my old favourites!

First of all this month was the month that I bought my first ever real techniques brush. If you had seen my twitter post (@bellamomentox) you would have seen my tweet of help of which brush should be my first and some people recommended this one to me which was what I got. The Expert face brush makes applying liquid foundation so much easier and I have found myself wearing liquid foundation more because of this. I always hated that some foundations were 'obvious' on my face and have been trying to find ways to solve this problem and this brush has done exactly that for me. I also love the nude magique eau de tent by l'oreal paris. This little duo is definitely going to be part of my daily make up routine now.

I was lucky enough to be given the Snow Fairy magic wand by lush for christmas and I have nearly used it all up already. It is one of my ultimate favourites from lush and I am ready for my backup to be used soon! It smells like candy and sugar and basically all of my favourite things compacted into one cute size star. When I was in the shop they said that all you have to do is swirl it around the bath a couple of times and then you will get some bubbles. This is definitely not the case. I have to hold it under the tap for about a minute or two to get maximum bubbles but the idea of it in a whole is great!

Something else new this month and featured in my previous superdrug haul post is this gorgeous dark pink/brown colour. This is part of the Little Mix collection with collection makeup and is Jades colour. I love how well this applies to the lips without having to moisturise and it stays on the lips without smudging or bleeding which is always a bonus.

Another lip product I have been loving is pretty boring. Vaseline. I have always had a love hate relationship with Vaseline as I never liked the taste it used to leave if you accidentally got it in your mouth. Also the pot is rather annoying as you have to make sure you wash your hands before use. I have been applying this after my bath and before I have gone to bed and love the results I have got. This is the Aloe Vera lip balm and it works a treat.

My favourite scent of the month has to be my Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. It is such a sweet and fruity scent which is what I really love in a perfume. I have been wanting this perfume for a while and was lucky enough to get it for christmas. The packaging of the perfume is just so gorgeous and it looks so decorative on the side of my dresser.

A random favourite this month is a movie. I have been loving Despicable me 1&2. I bought my brother the DVD for christmas and think I have watched it even more than he has. It is such a childish film but the jokes are relatable and funny for all ages I feel. I watched this with my little cousins and they are in love with the minions which is always a bonus!

Let me know what you have been loving in the month of January down below!
Have a great week!


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  1. the wand lush product is super adorable!
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Isn't it just! One of my favourite things from lush for sure!

  2. These products all look great! And I love all your photographs--everything is so adorable! And I've always wanted to try Real Techniques brushes--I've heard such great reviews! Lovely post.

    Maggie D. xx


    1. Thank-you very much! I love the real techniques brush!

  3. Replies
    1. I am so glad that I tried this one out as my first brush! xx

  4. The Snow Fairy Magic Wand is one of my favourite Lush buys too! Really wish I had stocked up! haha xx


  5. The honey perfume looks amazing <3


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