London Fashion Week Nails!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen the picture above that I posted on Thursday night. Painting my nails on a regular basis is not an unusual thing to me, but this little mani is probably one of the favourites that I have done recently! It is super easy to do and does not need much explanation. What you need is a Silver polish or nail art pen. A Burgundy red colour and final a top coat glitter polish. 
 First of all you have to paint your nails with a top and base coat and once dry paint a coat of the burgundy colour. Once they have dried create a V line of dots on the bottom half of the nail. If you don't have a dotting tool you can use a tooth pick, or the rounded end of a pin poked into a pencils rubber. Once this has dried you simple paint the top half of the nail with the silver glitter polish.

I hope you liked this nail design. As I said it is one of my favourites for sure, and I have kinda based my fashion week outfit around this design! Let me know what you think of this nail look!

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  1. Your nails look so cute! LOVE :)


  2. So cute! :) xx


  3. This is super cute and so easy to do as well I bet even I could manage it!


    1. You have to try it out! It is so simple, yet effective!



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