London Fashion Weekend!

London Fashion Weekend

Sorry for not posting on Sunday but I had a huge deadline that I needed to complete and now I have managed to get the flu! Due to this I am bed bound, but alas I am not letting that stop my excitement for London Fashion Weekend! I go every September and after getting a letter through the post giving me 25% off tickets and a glass of bubbly at the door I knew I had to go! Here is my simple guide of what I feel are must haves for the day! 

Firstly seeing as it is still very winter, and still very cold in London layers are essential. From past experience I know how hot it can get when walking around somerset house so being able to put on or take off a jumper/jacket is the best thing. For me I am the most comfortable in a pair of thick leggings. I own THIS pair from Next and have been super impressed with how comfy they actually are. I am not the kind of person who wears leggings on their own as trousers, I usually dress them up with a long top or dress. 

The next thing that I feel is a must have is an oversized jumper with a simple tee underneath. Oversized jumpers are perfect to glam up any outfit as they look effortless yet stylish at the same time. I have one from Zara which is black and white strapped that is perfect for styling with a pair of leggings. Finally a leather jacket doubles up as stylish and comfortable. I love how a leather jacket can edge up a look whilst still doing the job of keeping you warm! 

For a bag you need something big enough to keep your camera in as well as other essentials such as a purse and phone. A classic black bag with a long strap is perfect for throwing over your shoulder as it keeps it out of the way but still holds all of the necessities. 

Finally a good pair of shoes are essential for comfort. You can go for a pair of classic wedges OR my personal favourite a pair of Doc Martens or other worker style boots. I love the pair above from Next. 

Hope this gives you a little bit of an idea of what I am going to wear and I hope you look forward to seeing some posts with pictures next week! 

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