London Fashion Weekend Haul!

Here is my final instalment of my London Fashion Weekend series! What a way to end it than with a teeny tiny haul! I mentioned before that I found the February fashion weekend to be really expensive and it was really annoying because there were many things I picked up that said it was £39 (more on the affordable side) and then once taken to the till became £60! Which I thought was WAY to much for a jumper, even if it was a ZoĆ« Karsen one! (I loved that jumper :( )
 As part of buying a ticket you could also purchase a goody bag. This came with my whole ticket (Silver Package) and was filled with some goodies. Again there wasn't as much stuff in the February bag as there was in the September one, which is fine BUT it showed how smaller this event was. Inside the bag was many leaflets for museums, exhibitions and then a brochure on the event. There was a Kinder Bueno, Lavzza coffee granuals, Lable.M blow out spray, Baby Lips in cherry and an Essie polish in naughty nautical.
 One of the stands that we did buy some bits from was Essie. I have never had or tried an essie product before this day and had always wanted to. In superdrug they will the polishes for £7.99 a polish. Now although this isn't highly expensive, compared to my Barry M favourites I was never wiling to pay that much. They were selling two boxes, Pretty in pastels and shades of chic. These boxes were £20 each and came with a variety of products and a complimentary manicure with any colour of your choice. (I had madison avenhue, which I then went out and bought after having this done!)
L-R- Beyond Cozy, Bikini so teeny, Sunday Funday, Naughty Nautical, Full steam ahead and love to love you sleek stick.
 This is the pretty in pastels box. It came with 2 full size products and 3 mini products. These are part of their 2013 collection I believe.
 All of the colours have come out very true to what they are in the picture, apart from sunday funday. In the bottle it is a more chalky pastel-y colour than a bright orange. All of the polishes have a little bit of glitter in them as well.
L-R- For the Twill of it, Twin Sweater Set, After school boy blazer and a to zebra sleek stick. 
 This is the cosy shades of chic box. The difference between the two boxes are that this one includes dark colours and more evening, going out tones. Likewise to the previous box it came with a sleek stick which I am excited to try out.
The only polish from Essie that I have tried out is For the twill of it. It is such a beautiful colour. It is a mixture of green and purple and when you have your nails in a different lights it looks like different colours.

I am hoping to do a full review of some/all of these products but to start with I am really impressed with everything that I got.

I hope you enjoyed this mini series. I am close to hitting 70 followers (which I know to some may not be a lot but to me it means that I am doing something right and I have been going through a little rough time recently, not knowing what I really want to do and I know that I have been happier since blogging, so If you have read this, Thankyou <3 :)




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