Primark Haul!

Recently I popped into Primark in my town with the idea to 'browse' and get some 'inspiration' into what I want to buy when my student loan comes in next. Of course with Primark I found everything that I have ever needed in life and more. Ok so that may be a little bit of an exaggeration seeing as I only bought four things but still!

The first thing I bought were these pair of shorts. They have an electric blue trim and have a black and white geometric print all over them. The fabric is really light and thin, but not thin enough to be see through! So I know they will be perfect for summer! I wanted a pair like this last year and couldn't find any that I liked so when I found these I had to buy them before I couldn't ever find them again! They were £4 and I think are an absolute bargain for the quality of them! I have never seen them in Primark before so think that they are part of Primark's new collections!

This is another example of something that I did not need. This is a phone case/wallet/holder that comes with a strap. I bought this with the idea that I could put my phone, oyster card, id and student card in it so when I travel each day on the train everything is in one place. The strap on the side is also perfect as I  can wrap it round my hand then put it in my pocket at times when I want to make sure I defiantly have it on me. This was also £4 and I got it in the pretty brown wooden colour.

The final two things I bought were these two statement necklaces. I am probably too late on the trend with this one but I have never bought into the oversized necklaces style. I saw these and thought they were too cute to not buy. The first one is a cute flower necklace with a pale pink middle section and a gold chain. This one cost £4 and is super summery! The second necklace is a black gold bunting necklace. This cost £3 so was cheaper than the first one but I think it looks equally as pretty. I have worn this once with a plain t-shirt and loved how it glam'ed it up without being too over the top which was the worry I had when buying them.

I hope you enjoyed this style of post. Being a shop a holic that I am there will probably be more coming soon! Let me know what you have bought recently in the comments below and talk to you soon!



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  1. Great post, I love the shorts! And I've, followed you, I would be really happy if you could check out my blog :) x

    1. Thankyou very much! I am a little obsessed with them too! I am hoping for some better weather here in the UK soon! x

  2. The necklaces are beautiful, I might have to pick them up next time I go to Primark xx

    1. They are different to what I would normally choose thats for sure!


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