April Favourites!

Before I get in to this post I just wanted to apologise for not posting on my usual date last Sunday. I have been ultra stressed all weekend and week that I didn't get a chance to sit down and write/post anything. (Hopefully I will be able to explain all my stress soon enough!) 
Now onto the post!

I always start these favourite posts with 'I can't believe it is the end of the month already'..but seriously I can't believe it is the end of the month already! This month I have tried out some new products as well as rekindling with some old ones. As always they are in no order, but I hope you enjoy!

Champney's Nail Polish in Raspberry.

Champney's is a brand that I am not really that familiar with. I have tried out one or two of their bath salts, as well as the occasional cream gift sets at Christmas, but never any nail products. I got this in a set for my birthday in February and have only just began to use it. I love the colour of this polish. I don't have anything quite like it. In some lights it looks red, and in others it looks dark pink (A colour which I love!). I used an Essie Base and Top coat before and after using this and have found that it has lasted 4-5 days before chipping which is always a bonus. 

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean face wash.

After Christmas you may have seen me write this post expressing my excitement over receiving a HUGE soap and glory gift from my parents. This product came with it and I haven't really used it before the end of March/beginning of April as I was using up my old Simple one. I love the feeling when you put this on your face. It has a slight minty/peach scent which tingles when applying which is a good sign to tell that it is actually doing something. I tend to use this in the bath so I can wash it off after 5 minutes. It says to apply to damp skin and then tap dry once rinsed off. It seriously works wonders to my skin and makes it feel SO soft! If you are looking for an affordable face wash that truly works then this may be your friend!

EOS Lip balm in Lemon Sorbet.

Being from the UK EOS is not a brand that is easy to find. At the beginning of the month I went shopping in London on Oxford Street and happened to pop into Topshop. I was looking at their makeup and found this in the corner of my eye. I am a huge fan of any products that smell of sweets and this does not disappoint. Lemon sherbets are my favourite all time sweets and the smell is identical to this lip balm. (Even down to the taste!). When you apply it to your lips it gives a somewhat white colour which isn't that attractive to wear during the day as you can't wait it under lipstick. However I put it on before I go to bed and by the morning my lips feel lovely and prepped for the days lipstick intake! 

Topshop 'Jamie' Jeans in Dark Wash.

I have always struggled to find jeans to fit me perfectly. I am a girl who has a smaller waist than I do hips so I am yet to find a pair of jeans that feel comfortable. Well I did before I found these! I had heard all the reviews on how great Topshop jeans were but priced at £40 they were never really something that I was ready to invest in. At the beginning of the month I had begun to lose a little bit of weight and was getting fed up of having to tighten a belt all the time and pull them up continuously. Since buying these I have probably worn them every single day and even preferred them than leggings or tracksuit bottoms at home. I even went back to buy a lighter wash version of the same jeans which are going to be perfect for the summer season! 

Cambridge Satchel.

I have done quite a bit of travelling to and from London this month and have needed a bag that was durable and strong enough to hold everything and this bag has worked wonders! I got given this pink Cambridge satchel personalised for my 18th birthday and have used it every now and then, however this month I have used it almost every day. I think that this bag was considered part of their 'batchel' collection as it has the middle handle which has come in very handy when wanting to make sure you have everything when getting on/off trains! If you are interested in buying the bag then you can go here..  https://www.cambridgesatchel.com/buy/the-batchel/

Mac Duo.

One of the first posts I ever wrote was my haul/review on this mac eyeshadow duo that I put together. That was way back in September. As soon as I got it I probably wore it every single day or so for a couple of months. Then I rediscovered my naked 2 palette by urban decay and this duo silently fell to the side. This month I rediscovered my love for my little duo palette! 'Pink Venus' and 'Girlie' are the colours in question and they are in every way a pretty neutral eye look. I have been using these with my Naked 3 palette to form an everyday look, and was even complimented on this at University the other day which I was very flattered about! 
You can check out my original post on this quad HERE! 

The Sims 3.

This favourite is very random and is one that has been very addictive and time consuming. As I mentioned right at the start of this post, this month has been very stressful for me so The Sims came as an escape for me! When The Sims was very popular during the primary school days my parents didn't allow me or my brother to buy it as they didn't want us to be in all day playing it, but I knew people who bought every single game and add on games. The other month I was watching Alfie Deyes and Zoella playing it on Alfie's you tube channel and really enjoyed it. So I thought why not. I promised myself I wouldn't spend hours on it.. This promise was broken on the first game play but oh well! I have decided that as soon as I have lots of work to do, OR it is taking up too much of my time I am going to un-install it off my laptop. To be honest it is a easy escape and is quite tranquil and calming when you get the hang of it. I also enjoy making over the rooms and expanding the houses! 

I Hope you enjoyed some of these random favourites. Let me know what you have been loving down in the comments along with any blog posts/links for me to check out!

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Hope you all have a lovely week!

*All views stated in this post are my own and are not affiliated with the brands of any of the items mentioned. 


  1. love the satchel, its so bright x

    1. Thankyou very much!
      I have to admit it is my baby!


  2. Such wonderful favourites! Love love love the satchel and the nail polish! xx

    1. Thank you. a bit random this month! I love my satchel and nail polish too! Thanks for checking out my blog <3 x

    2. I love your blog to bits! Hope we can follow each other. :) xx

    3. I have just followed your blog! I would like to follow each other too xx

  3. love that bag and the eos lip balm! Maybe we can follow each other? :) x

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