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Throughout my life something I have always suffered with is dry/sensitive skin. I have always struggled to find a hand/body/face cream that actually works in the long run than just for the initial 20 minutes after application, (although Hand food by soap and glory is amazing!). Due to this reoccurring issue I have never really 'stuck' with a moisturiser as I haven't found the one that works perfectly for me, so I am always up for trying new stuff.

Cutagen are a skincare company which are 100 percent British. They base their products on the three different skin care groups. Sensitive, Oily and Combination skin. When Cutagen sent me over some samples to try I wanted to really test out the products before giving my honest review. One thing I do like to do when trying out products is to see what ingredients are included and as you can see from their website, a lot of research from them is definitely shown. (This is their website If you wish to check it out!)

I was given a few different samples of each different skin type and as I have stated above my skin is sensitive so this is what I am going to look at first. The first thing I tried was the Gentle care moisturising creme cleanser hand wash and bath and shower moisturiser. The whole concept of this product is great. When I wash my hands and dry them is usually when my hands are the most sensitive so having a moisturising soap sounds perfect. After many trials of this product I can say it does actually work. The product leaves my hands feeling softer than usual after washing and they feel clean and not sticky. The only issues I have with this product is the liquidness of the wash. It would have been easier to use if it was a little bit more 'sticky' than watery in consistency. Another thing I would add is the soap is scentless. This is probably due down to the fact it is perfume free with no added ingredients. Its such a shame because with the Orange and rosemary oils that are included, it doesn't smell fresh. Overall I think the product does its job and works. 

Another product I tried was their Gentlecare calming moisturiser and hand and body moisturiser. Again I used this on my hands as this is the area I struggle with my skin the most and found that it does work fine, however again there is the scent issue. For being perfume free it smells a little odd, (but then again its a better smell than some medicated creams I have used in the past!). Again the consistency of the product was very watery which is a reoccurring element within their collections. I have given this a few different tests and have had different results each time. I used it after getting out of the shower to find that it leaves my skin feeling soft for the majority of the evening. But then when I reapply this product in the morning It leaves my skin feeling very red and irritable. I don't know whether it is me using the product wrong or what but either way its not a pleasant feeling. 

In conclusion I think the Cutagen brand has done a lot of research into the various skin types and this can be seen in their products. They have noticed how people with dry sensitive skin do not like the added perfume/scent, however I feel like there could be a natural scent added. Also they have done what no other company I have heard of have done and actually tried to match many peoples needs. Their products are relatively cheap with prices starting at £4.49 for a 75ml Moisturiser. I still don't believe that I have found my perfect skincare range, however am willing to give Cutagen more tries! 

Hope you liked this honest review, and let me know whether you have tried any of Cutagen's products in the comments below! If you would like to try out any products for yourself Cutagen have given me a 10% off first online order. Just enter BB10PC when you checkout! This voucher is valid until 31st August 2014! Unfortunately this voucher can only be used on orders to a UK delivery address and can only be redeemed on online orders. One per customer. 

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*The products spoken about in this post were sent to me to review by Cutagen. All opinions stated are honest and written in my own writing. 

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