Major haul part one

I have noticed that the past couple of uploads I have done have all been based on beauty related things. I have got some fashion related bits in the pipeline, but for now I am really enjoying sharing these little hauls and bits that I have been loving.

Since passing my driving test I haven't really done much 'solo' driving. Last thursday I ventured for the first time out on my own to my local town and boy did I splash out! I have decided to split this post into two, skincare and makeup.

Starting with Skincare. This past couple of weeks I have really got into skincare and face masks and that but haven't really tried out different brands. I have always been aware that there was the one use throw away ones but didn't realise that you could buy one in a tube that is reusable.
I bought three of the peel of masque by montagne jeunesse in the cucumber flavour. I much prefer the peel off masks than the clay ones as I feel that personally with my skin it works so much better. I also bought the Boots own peel off face mask from the tea tree witch hazel range. I love this range so much as it clears up the skin amazingly to the extent that you can feel it tingling. The results are also very clear the next day when you use it.

I didn't know what section to put this in as it is half skincare half makeup. It is the Garnier eye roll on BB cream. The box says it is a 'all in one miracle skin perfector'. Which to me sounds amazing! My under eyes is something that I often forget to moisturise and to have something that will reduce signs of fatigue is something that I need in my life for sure! The only bad thing about this product is that there were few colour selections to choose from. Seeing as this product is supposed to act as a concealer/bb cream you would have thought that there would be other choices. I have used this product a couple of times now and despite the colour options it easily blends in and to an extent hides most of the dark circles.

My next stop was to go to the body shop. I have heard really good things about the tea tree oil blemish gel and wanted to give it a try. Previously I have used the Lush 'grease lightning' spot gel and found that it didn't really have that much of an affect on my skin. I am yet to try out the Body shop version but I feel like I am going to absolutely love it!

Finally I got the Hand Food from soap and glory. This is one of my must have products and one that I continue to buy. This is my 7th bottle. There isn't much to say about this hand cream other than if you want your hands to be moisturised for quite a long period of time then this product is for you.

That is the end of my little skincare haul. I am not sure when I am going to be uploading the makeup section but it will defiantly be within the next week!

What are some of your favourite skincare bits that I need to add to my collection?


  1. I honestly have no skin care routine! I used to use all sorts of cleansers and scrubs and what-nots, but I just started washing my face with water and I haven't had a break out for about 8 months!
    Oh my gosh we have the same name ahah! Great post : )

    1. I think water is the best skincare routine! I always try to wash my face every morning and evening. I haven't really tried many products in regards to skincare but these face masks are great!

      We do have the same name! Its rare I meet people that do! Thanks for reading this post.


  2. peel off face mask is always interesting to try :D


  3. Hand Food is one of my favourite products along Soap & Glory's Smoothie body milk.
    Lovely blog!

    Roxie x


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