Christopher Raeburn- LFW part 3!

After the rush from the Ong Oaj Pairam show I was milling around with my friends when I noticed that I had half an hour to be at Somerset house and queued up for the show. This caused me to have a HUGE anxiety attack because I had no idea where I was and how I was going to get to the show. So after a few panicked calls to both my father and brother I decided the best way was to get a taxi to somerset house so thats exactly what I did.
As soon as I got to somerset house I automatically felt part of the 'cool club' as everybody walking around looked so fabulous. The excitement also added to the overall mood of the place as well. When I finally got to where I needed to be I had to join another long queue to gain entrance. During this queue I met a lovely blogger called Vicky From We got chatting and went in together and then when we were told to stand Vicky went off and found us both some seats so we were able to rest our legs for the show. The collection was named 'Ascent' and was designed on the idea of flight. The clothing started with basic shapes and then continued onto parachute like garments which he had used recycled garments for. Layering was another aspect of his work that he did successfully while incorporating his signature style of prints.

Overall it was a fantastic experience and one that I am never going to forget as my first proper LFW show. I was extremely lucky to even be asked to go to some of the shows and then to be invited to the Christopher Raeburn one so randomly made me feel even more lucky (if thats possible!).

I hope you enjoyed reading my LFW posts, and feel free to leave me comments so we can chat further!


  1. Yay! Was such a fab show, made all the better by our seats ;)

    p.s. I'm logged into my boyfriend's Gmail so ignore that it's from Tom haha!

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

  2. Ah love these photos - looks like a really fun event! Well done :)

    Layla xx

    1. Thankyou so much for your comment. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply! xx


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