London fashion week part 1!

 London Fashion week is one of those events where it is both everything and nothing at the same time. Everything to a fashion nerd and nothing to a mere outsider walking past in jeans and a plain tee. Last February I watched so many bloggers attend some shows and wanted to get my own slice of the action. First of all I absolutely love reading all the different posts and updates about the shows and throughout fashion weeks follow TONS of magazines so I can keep up to date with whats going on. But I really wanted to attend myself. So back in July I emailed a few PR companies and designers themselves to try and get an invite. Which I managed to do! Yesterday my day was spent mainly at the Fashion Scout hub at Freemason's hall in Holborn, as well as a cheeky show down at the BFC Courtyard in Somerset house. I had such a lovely time and can't wait to share with you all the fantastic time I had! I certainly know what I am going to be doing again this time in February!

Leather Jacket- Next
Top- Zara
Jeans- Topshop Jamie Jeans
Boots- Next
Bag- Stradivarius
Seeing as this was my very first fashion week I knew that I wanted to take it all in without standing out too much, (Crazy I know lol). So I wanted to wear something super casual yet appearing somewhat stylish. I went for plain black jeans paired with a floral floaty blue shirt with a navy bag. I also took my leather jacket but spent the whole day putting it on and off as it was absolutely BOILING inside! (I haven't quite got my outfit posing down yet but I am working on it!)
The catwalk
Inside the building was absolutely gorgeous and the people were all so friendly and helpful. It really makes a difference to the whole day when people are willing to help and make the day as exciting as you are hoping it is.

The first show of the day was Jamie Wei Huang 'Metaphysics' at 12:30. Jamie is a London based designer and her SS15 collection was absolutely stunning. Her collection was inspired on the basic idea of the human existence within urban society. Her Metaphysics collection was created to be designed by everyone and anyone.

 Her whole collection was gorgeous and I was even lucky enough to catch up with her backstage after the show. She was so polite and friendly and was so happy with how her show went. She said that with this collection she wanted everybody to be able to wear her designs and from what we saw you can really see that this could be possible. The tailoring and leather detailing are so on trend with what you can find in the high street at the minute that you can't help envisioning yourself within her designs.

After the Jamie show I was milling around backstage with my friend trying to find our way out when we got caught up with the run through of the Ones to watch show. This was one of the shows that I was most excited to see in the day as I have LOVED Cassandra Verity Green's collection ever since I saw her goldfish in her backpack designs.
This is one of her most famous designs the fish bowl bag as seen in her SS14 collection
I took some cheeky photos of backstage to show you what it looked like!
One thing I have understood of my short time being a part of the London Fashion Week scene is that there is a lot of waiting, and a  lot of queuing. Both of which I don't mind doing when there is so much going on to look at. 

First up was Youjia Yin and her collection which was a beautiful mixture of sharp tailoring and pleated draping which created her signature look. 
Camera galore!

Next up was Min Wu and her technologic inspired designs. Her collections boast ideas of a bold modern woman. Her designs create fluid shapes which help to add strong visual contrasts. 

Then Cassandra Verity Green took the catwalk with her sport inspired collection. When speaking to her after the show she mentioned that her designs had been inspired by her childhood and that she wanted to make this collection something that everyday people could wear whilst still having the 'out there' theme. I even told her how much I loved her goldfish bags and we shared a moment reminiscing on how much trouble they got her into! You can see in her recent collection that the idea of something inside her bags are still very relevant. 

And finally Keiko took to the catwalk with her collection including delicate hand drawn prints. The prints reminded me of tapestry and when looking up close you could see how truly intricate they were. I also spoke to her briefly after the show and she explained how she had the idea of mermaids when designing.
Cassandra Verity Green
After this show I headed for lunch with my friends that I went with and had sushi which was lush!

To find out more of my London Fashion Week adventures make sure you head back tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post, I will have to keep that in mind for next year and have an email frenzy! Glad you enjoyed it x


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