Time for a change!

I thought I would share this picture from my holiday! 

I don't know really where to begin with this post. But I guess it should start with a huge sorry. Sorry that I haven't posted since July, and sorry that before then my posts didn't have the usual character that I wanted them to. I have had writers block. I always read about people experiencing this and how 'tough' it was for them not knowing what to write about. I always laughed because I thought that it was an excuse out of doing something or a easy way to get a break. But it is truly the most annoying thing ever! 

Like many of you reading this, I started my blog with all of these fresh ideas and inspirations with how I thought my blog would go. To a certain degree blogging has surpassed everything I could ever have thought it would be. Although I don't have a huge follower count, when I post I get sincere comments which honestly do mean the world to me. As a shy, anxious person knowing that somebody reads my blog and they enjoy it makes me feel really happy. And it has been making me feel happy. The last couple of posts I have done have all been reviews or hauls because they are easy to do, but they aren't what I truly want to be writing about. Somewhere down the line of writing my blog my route has changed from 'Fashion' posts to more 'Beauty'. This is partly down to the fact that I didn't want to be seen in my pictures as I found it very awkward asking people to take them for me. I also am not a very confident person so wanted to give it time before I actually appeared on my blog. Don't get me wrong I LOVE reading beauty blogs myself, and over the past couple of years really enjoy experimenting with makeup and shopping for it, but fashion and style is truly where my passion is at. 

I just felt like I needed to write this post to set some things about my blog straight. Firstly as I said I love beauty and would still like to feature this on my blog occasionally fashion and style posts are what I want to do more of. I am starting a fashion design course in September so hope that this will help me to gain back some inspiration. Secondly I want to become more involved within the blogging community. Like everything I began to get very weighed down by numbers and views. I want to blog for the fun of it like I did at the very beginning. Finally I just want to thank everyone who has ever commented on a post, or messaged me on twitter. It does mean a lot and I am so thankful that I am able to talk to so many lovely people. Seeing as my blog has turned one years old I can honestly say that the blogging community are so supportive and welcoming. 

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely summer break. I can't wait to be blogging again! I hope you enjoy some more of my style posts very soon I can't wait to show you what I have been working on! 

Thank-you again. 


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