Blogmas day 8, 9, 10

I have been absolutely rubbish posting on my blog this year which definitely says something about my uni course!

I have a couple of assessments next week and sitting down and finding time out of working on my sketchbook is proving very difficult to me. I have been taking pictures every day though, so thought I would share them with you now.

I first wanted to share a couple of the pictures of our tree decorations from Next. My mum and I decided to go for a woodland red and white theme this year. All of the new decorations were from the same place in the same boxset so were perfect.

All of the decorations above are bought from Next. 

lots of love, Francesca x

Christmas Tree Decorating! (Blogmas day 7)

So today we have finally put up our christmas tree! My mum and I are always in charge of this task and this year was no different. After we untangled all of the christmas lights we started to decorate! This year we decided that we would go for a red and white theme for our tree (Although we do have other little ornaments on the tree which we love.

I love a christmas tree. There is something about having a real tree in your living room for the whole of December that adds to the magic..It must be the lights! All of our main decorations were from NEXT this year. I will share a couple of the other bits we bought from there later on this week once I photograph them. They are really on point at the minute with their decorations!

Have you decorated your tree yet?
Lots of love, Francesca xx

Christmas tree shopping (Blogmas day 6!)

Today marks the first weekend in December, which for my family means that it is the weekend to buy our christmas tree's. I woke up at 8am this morning to go along to our local christmas tree farm so we could beat the usual essex rush of people and we were certainly spoilt for choice!

 Seeing as we went out at 8am it was very very cold! Snow is definitely on its way over here in the UK! I dressed up really warm in my new Zara faux fur waistcoat that I bought whilst out on my christmas shopping trip yesterday. I was wearing my Julien MacDonald leather jacket underneath with a NEXT bobble hat and Topshop Jeans. I have no idea where my boots are from as they were borrowed from my mums wardrobe! Oh the joys of having the same size feet!
This is how bare the tree is looking in my living room at the minute. We are decorating it tomorrow, but I want to do it now! I have just had a little nosey in the decoration box and am definitely not looking forward to unwrapping the lights.

Lots of love, Francesca xx

Blogmas day 5!

As I write this post I have just got back from a busy christmas shopping centre which was manic!
The centre was full of their christmas decorations so I took a few pics that I thought would be nice to share with you!

Lots of love, Francesca x

Blogmas day 3 and 4!

Last years christmas tree!

I heard my first christmas song on the radio this morning!!
My usual train journey consists of a bit of T-Swift and One Direction, (I know, I have a great taste in music!), but amongst the songs on my iPod Michael Buble 'Its beginning to look a lot like christmas…' started to play and I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh to myself.
This got me wondering what my favourite christmas music is. So I have complied a short little list of some of my favs!

1- Fairytime of new york- The pogues.
Such a classic song! I can remember me and my brother singing the 'rude' word over and over again without getting in trouble. We absolutely loved it and whenever you hear it on the radio you know christmas is about to begin!

2- Driving home for christmas- Chris Rea
I don't think anybody who has heard this song can deny the fact that they sing the first line of the song in the lowest tone they can! It is a true classic! Even though I still don't know the whole song I know the odd lyrics, and trust me I sing them loudly!

3- Run Rudolph Run- Chuck Berry
I heard this song the other day when watching Home Alone and I just love the whole beat of this song. It is one of those toe tapping songs that you don't admit to liking but secretly do!

4- Merry Christmas Everybody- Slade
'Here it isss merry christmas everybody's having funnnnn look to the future now its only just begunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' Probably one of the only christmas songs (beside the first one) that I know all the lyrics too!

5- Step into Christmas- Elton John
This is my brothers favourite christmas song so the amount of times I have heard it year after year I have also learned to love it (or endure it anyway!)

What are some of your favourite christmas songs?

Lots of love, Francesca x

Christmas tree decoration (Blogmas Day Two!)

Another one of my favourite things about christmas is all of the decorations. This year I have decided to start early by putting up a little tree in my bedroom. A tradition in my family is to buy a real tree and put it up on the first saturday in december. That means I have to wait a whole week nearly before being able to decorate it! In my room I have 3 mini trees which give a little touch of christmas and I am in LOVE with them!

Have you put up your tree's yet? Let me know down in the comments! 
lots of love, 
Francesca xx

Advent Calendars! (Blogmas day 1!)

Ello… remember me? I am the girl who promised that I was going to upload weekly posts back in September and then didn't. Yeah, sorry about that! The past couple of months have been really really hectic. I have started to study fashion and textile design at university, been promoted in my job and started a little business. All in the past 3 months! I haven't been away from blogging fully, as I have had to run a blog as part of a project for my university course. I am so lucky to have had the experience of posting on this blog for over a year as it has given me lots of practice!

Anyway, now that's out of the way I can get into todays post. BLOGMAS DAY 1!!!
I literally can't explain to you how excited I am to be writing this blog post. This time last year I committed to a full month of daily blogging and I really enjoyed it! This year I have decided to do the same again, although with my hectic university schedule the posts may not be daily, but there will be a post for each day regardless! (Let me know if you are doing blogmas as I would love to follow you!)

One of the most exciting things about the lead up to christmas are the advent calendars. Personally I am partial to a little bit of chocolate in the mornings. Hey its the one month a year you are allowed to eat chocolate before breakfast! (well 25 days of it at least!). The last couple of years the idea of 'beauty' calendars have spread around the internet and I have always looked at them and thought 'gee I would love to have one of those, but I am not paying £60+ for an advent calendar' and then popped to pound land, but this year I have been swayed.
I was browsing in my local TKMax the other week and came across this Ciate Nails Mini Mani month. I saw this on Fleur De Force's blogs last year and always wanted one for myself. Now before anyone rolls their eyes, yes this advent calendar was still a lot more than your pound land one! But would ya just look at it! Its darling! At £20 rather than £59 I would say I got myself a bargain. Plus I LOVE Ciate nail varnish and am constantly painting my nails so the products aren't going to go to waste! I will keep you updated with what is inside!

Now it wouldn't be christmas without a traditional calendar so I also bought a frozen milk chocolate advent (Nothing says christmas quite like a disney calendar). My family also buy a candle each year to burn every evening. This is quite important to my family as being brought up in a christian family Christmas has always been a lot more than just present wrapping and giving to receive.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this first little instalment of Blogmas! It feels really nice to be back here writing again. As always I would love to read some of your blogs, leave links in the comments!

Lots of love,