Blogmas day 3 and 4!

Last years christmas tree!

I heard my first christmas song on the radio this morning!!
My usual train journey consists of a bit of T-Swift and One Direction, (I know, I have a great taste in music!), but amongst the songs on my iPod Michael Buble 'Its beginning to look a lot like christmas…' started to play and I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh to myself.
This got me wondering what my favourite christmas music is. So I have complied a short little list of some of my favs!

1- Fairytime of new york- The pogues.
Such a classic song! I can remember me and my brother singing the 'rude' word over and over again without getting in trouble. We absolutely loved it and whenever you hear it on the radio you know christmas is about to begin!

2- Driving home for christmas- Chris Rea
I don't think anybody who has heard this song can deny the fact that they sing the first line of the song in the lowest tone they can! It is a true classic! Even though I still don't know the whole song I know the odd lyrics, and trust me I sing them loudly!

3- Run Rudolph Run- Chuck Berry
I heard this song the other day when watching Home Alone and I just love the whole beat of this song. It is one of those toe tapping songs that you don't admit to liking but secretly do!

4- Merry Christmas Everybody- Slade
'Here it isss merry christmas everybody's having funnnnn look to the future now its only just begunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' Probably one of the only christmas songs (beside the first one) that I know all the lyrics too!

5- Step into Christmas- Elton John
This is my brothers favourite christmas song so the amount of times I have heard it year after year I have also learned to love it (or endure it anyway!)

What are some of your favourite christmas songs?

Lots of love, Francesca x

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