W7 Makeup!

 The other week I received these little goodies in the post and was so excited to share them with you. W7 is a brand that I have heard a lot about from reading other blogs but had never tried myself, so was really excited to give it a go. I received a great selection of products to try out and some that are going to appear somewhere on my blog very soon!
This palette was something that I was really excited to receive. its the W7 In the nude palette. Some say it is very similar to the Naked 3 palette (this is what I will agree on!) however I am looking forward to trying out some eye looks with this bad boy! I know this palette is going to be perfect for travelling as well! 
L- Lollipop, R- Nude Kiss
I received these lip products as well. Nude Kiss is my favourite colour to wear out of the two as you get a really natural looking lip. The lip twister lip liner crayon is also so easy to apply as it is smooth and creamy. It also blends in lovely with Nude kiss for an easy everyday look! 

Large Brush- Sponge Applicator. Small Brush- Smudger Brush
 I also received these two makeup brushes. I am going to be including them on my blog really soon so I won't get into to much detail about these yet.

Here is a look I created using a couple of the products mentioned in this post. I wore this look to the Christopher Raeburn LCM show.

You can check out the W7 Products on their website http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk
Twitter- @W7makeup

Overall I am really impressed with the quality, packaging and overall aesthetic of these products! Have you tried any W7 products. I would love to know what you think!

Lots of love, 

 *The products mentioned in this post have been sent to me to review and try out. All opinions and comments are my own.

Project Life Haul!

So if you follow me on twitter (@bellamomentox shameless plug there!) you may have seen that I have posted a series of tweets about the project life scrapbook. I have wanted to do a scrapbook for ages but the thought of having to sit down and put it together along with a fashion design sketchbook for uni was terrifying. Plus I didn't know where to begin. At the beginning of Jan I watched Lily Pebbles youtube video about her 'project life sketchbook'. (You can watch this video HERE). I immediately knew that this was the 'scrapbook' method for me as it was fool proof! The project life bits are more difficult to get in the UK so I bought all of my bits from Hobbycraft. There wasn't much of a selection to choose from but I am happy with what I got!

 The album I went with was the Blush design. It comes with the ring binders inside and a cute little heart detailing in the bottom left corner of the cover. I also bought 3 different page inserts. They come in a pack of 12 which I think is great as usually you normally get one or two at a time. I got all the different design Design A, D and C. 
 I bought a couple of bits and pieces that I can use to decorate my pages. I got some clips and tags to label some images and then some sticky notes so I can write a little title or memory to insert next to an image. I picked up these felt alphabet stickers in the Hobbycraft sale because again they can be useful when adding a title to a page. I got the little pegs from wilkinson. I love how tiny they are. I thought that it would be a different way to add a photograph to a piece of paper. I also have some sellotape that has a red striped decoration on it as I thought it would look pretty and much nicer than plain! I got this from Ikea and it came with a couple of additional rolls to put inside. 
 When you buy the project life scrapbook there is the option to buy already designed and cut out shapes that fit perfectly into the little wallets sections. I thought that I wouldn't buy these as they were quite pricey for what they are. I bought a pack of decorated paper squares from Wilkinson and have just started to cut up my own shapes to attach photographs to. The Sewingbird paper pad is actually for proper scrapbooking. I got this from TK Maxx a couple of months ago because as a fashion student I thought it would inspire me. I have never used it, and think it will be perfect to use as section backgrounds. The final roll of paper is actually a wallpaper sample. When I was decorating my bedroom I knew that I wanted to have wallpaper. I selected lots of samples from Laura Ashley and found that they were really generous. This paper will also work perfectly for this project, and so much better than just sitting gathering dust in my craft cupboard!

Here is a little sample/sneak peek of the first page of my project life scrapbook. I have decided to do the first page as a 'about me' section. I have included some of my polaroid snaps. One of my resolutions for this year was to take more photographs and I feel like this project is perfectly matched! I have already taken lots of snaps and can't wait to look back on a filled 2015 scrapbook next January! 

Let me know if you have started a project life scrapbook and if there is anything I need to buy! I am hoping to update my progress to scrapbooking throughout the year so let me know if this is something you want to see! 

Thanks for reading! 
lots of love, 

Nanshy 4 in 1 blending sponge!

The last couple of months I have been reading various blogs on the #bbloggers on twitter and have seen the Nanshy makeup brushes making a reoccurrence. They have always been a brush that I have wanted to try out but never really knew what to buy. The other monday during the Bloggers Love Hub twitter party, Nanshy were giving bloggers the opportunity to sample one of their products and I rushed at the opportunity. The first thing I want to note is how fast it came. Seeing as there were probably a lot of requests for the item on Monday and it arriving on Friday, just shows how much they care about their customers. 

First of all lets talk about the packaging. The Nanshy 4 in 1 makeup blending sponge is packed neatly in a cute little box with a clear window on the front. It then has a gorgeous flock pattern on the inside. There is just something pleasing about the packaging and the colour scheme of the product works wonders! 

The makeup sponge itself is light green in colour and is the softest makeup sponge that I have ever tried, used or felt! This is something I look for in makeup tools as I want to use something that is going to be soft on my face. This sponge definitely ticks that box! I don't really know how to describe how it looks, other than saying it fits perfectly between your thumb and index finger which helps when applying makeup! 

I used the makeup sponge for applying my under eye concealer and saw fantastic, instant results. The only other sponge I have tried was a cheap H&M one and it seemed to absorb the concealer more than apply it. I used the sponge wet which I felt made it work better. I am yet to try this sponge applying foundation, although after the fantastic concealer results I am sure I am going to equally love that as well! 

Overall I really love this sponge. I didn't really have any pre thoughts before trying it as I hadn't tried any of Nanshy's products before. After this I think I am going to re look online at their other brushes. 

You can buy the 4 in 1 blending sponge here!
Check Nanshy out on twitter @Nanshyofficial
Check me out on twitter @bellamomentox

Lots of love, 

*Item mentioned in this post was sent to me to try/review. All opinions and comments are my own.

Christopher Raeburn LCM 2015

Just before I broke up from uni for the christmas holidays we were told that we had to think about who our favourite designers were. For me thats an easy answer, Henry Holland, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Christopher Raeburn. I have always been a HUGE fan of Raeburn from the moment I saw his map prints for coats, I just love a map print! Last september this little blog allowed me the opportunity to attend his womenswear show at somerset house for LFW and I had an amazing time. I thought it would be once in a lifetime and was extremely grateful for that opportunity. Thursday lunchtime this week I got a letter in the post addressed to myself with a ticket to the Christopher Raeburn LCM show. I was over the moon and of course RSVP'd with a huge almighty YES. So yesterday (Saturday 10th Jan 2015) I trundled off to London with my parents, who showed me the way and then sat in the nearest Pret for two hours waiting for me, on the way to the Raeburn show. The show started at 6 but I got there at 5:15 and was waiting in the queue. Like all of these things I didn't expect anything but was grateful to have been invited and on their official guest list. When the line had quietened down a little bit I got inside and actually managed to squeeze onto a bench and had a fantastic view. I loved the showroom. The theme of the show was 'Raft' and the noises as you walked in really added to the atmosphere of this theme. It sounded like splashing water, not good if you needed the toilet like I did!

The collection consisted of shark motifs, fitted knitwear, shark inflatable bags (amazing!), blow up inflatable bomber jackets, mittens, camo prints, sharks tooth prints and a red, blue and black colour theme. Overall the show was amazing and although being menswear It has given me a few inspirations and ideas of my own that I am hoping to use when thinking of my next collection for my university projects. 

I want to give another huge thanks to Christopher Raeburn and his Pr team for inviting me to the show again. I had an amazing time and can't praise it enough! Heres to February LFW, can't wait to randomly receive that invite in the post as well!?!

Hope you are all well!