A look into my project life!

I have seen so many posts now about people who have started doing the project life. In January I also decided to jump into the world of project life and to try and document at least one thing a month so I can look back and reflect in December. If I am being completely honest, although the whole concept is idiot proof and so easy to do. It still takes time to sit down and collate bits together. I have been adding to my folder every once in a while. Whenever I am out and about I tend to see if there is anything that I think will look nice. One of the problems with project life is that in the UK they don't tend to stock a lot of project life products. Although any scrapbooking/wrapping paper and bits all work as well. I went to my local craft village and to my shock spotted a whole shelf of project life.. I was beyond excited! So I picked up a few bits and bobs that will last me a little while.
 This is a large sheet of paper that I can cut up the little sections to include in each wallet.
 I bought these cards separately. I don't think that they are for project lie particularly but I can cut them down to size. They have two sides of designs so its perfect.
 This was my first pack from project life that I have purchased. It is the 40 cards Golden collection with foil on each card. I just love a bit of shine!
 Some random bits that I got were sticky letters and wording and then some foam pads. I feel like this are just generally helpful when doing a scrapbook, but also as I make cards I can use them then.

I havent shared my folder since I began doing it. Here is a couple of pages that I have put together.
My trip to Christopher Raeburns LCM show. 
Seeing CATS the Musical.

When I am putting together a page I tend to start with collecting all of the bits and then just checking that they fit/look nice.
I don't always use the pre made pieces of paper. 
polaroids are perfect for scrapbooking as you don't have to print or cut the images! 
Here is the finished page for my 20th birthday. I have a couple of other bits that I want to include on other pages so I might have a double page for my birthday! 

Hope you liked reading this little insight to my scrapbook! 
Have a lovely week! 

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