Lush galore!

 This is a bit of a belated post. I have had this Lush box full of gorgeous products smelling up the side of my bathroom since christmas day. I have kept on meaning to write about it but haven't had the time, until now so unfortunately you can't buy these items as they are a seasonal product!

This box is full of every single christmas product that I absolutely LOVE so couldn't be happier receiving it. The box itself with bells on the side is a little gift in itself and stores the products nicely on the side.

Christmas Hedgehog 
Golden Wonder
The comforter
Luxury Lush Pud
Drummers Drumming
Magic Wand

I literally can't wait to try out all of these products now! I am such a bath lover, I spend at least an hour in the bath a night! Let me know in the comments what your favourite lush products are, and what I need to try out! 

Thanks for reading have a lovely week! 

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