Naked Urban Decay- ON THE RUN

After first since seeing the Naked on the run palette in my local Debenhams, I knew it was the palette for me. I am sucker for a great neutrals palette and thought that the whole concept of this was amazing. Basically everything you would need for touchups, day to nights or generally to do your whole face of makeup, (minus foundation obvs) can be found in this palette. It comes in the most stunning packaging and rose gold detailing. Now who doesn't love a little bit of rose gold? I was given this palette for my birthday and although I have been in love with it ever since! It does say on their website that it is limited edition, so you might want to get this quickly! 
 So the palette comes with 6 all new shades of eyeshadow with an extra dosage of 50/50 on the end for good measure. It also comes with a bronzer and blush, the popular perversion mascara, 24/7 eyeliner pencil in stag and a full sized naked lipgloss.
Just look at that packaging! 

 All of the eyeshadows are just like their other palettes. They are so creamy and blend into each other really nicely. The colours also go together perfectly which makes this palette a big contender in the ever going self conflict I have with which to bring on holiday. Sorry Naked 2 and 3 but this one might just win!
Overall this palette is the complete package for me. From the design on the box to the quality of each shadow. You can really tell that thought has been put into this box to make sure that there is a shade for every look. I really love the fact they have included a full size naked lipgloss as not only does it feel comfortable on, but it finishes off the look with no need to think of what lippy to use! 

If you have tried this palette let me know below! 
Have a lovely week! 

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