I love a good shoe. 
Who doesn't love a good shoe?

Recently I have bought a few pairs of shoes. Two that I have wanted to share with you today. They are probably the most opposite shoes on the planet but are both equally as comfortable!
 I got gifted these shoes as a birthday present from my brother and his girlfriend. When I first saw them I have to be honest I wasn't sure how I would wear them, as for me they are very high! I have worn them around the house and I can't believe just how comfortable they actually are! They have a little bit of a platform at the front so they are not as high as they look. They are also really easy to style which was surprising to me. Paired with some blue skinny jeans and a plain shirt, or with a skirt and tights they look great! With a heel I am always a little skeptical because I don't want to be one of those people who wear them somewhere and then needs to buy another pair of shoes to get through the day. I wore them recently on a lunch meeting and got two compliments which is always a bonus!
They are from River Island, and you can buy them from HERE!!

My second pair of shoes are these more classic looking loafers. I tried these on in store and fell in love with them. I am yet to wear them out because when I got them home they were a little too big for me! A little bit odd when they fit in store so I am having to get some insoles for them (on another note does anybody remember having to get insoles for their school shoes?!?! They were the pain of my life for the whole school year!). They are this gorgeous pale pink colour and have a little shine. I thought they would be the perfect shoe to wear in the in-between season of winter and summer. They come in so many different colours, but I knew that I wanted a classic blush colour. I would recommend trying them on in store before buying them! They are from Schuh and can be found online HERE!!
Something cool that Schuh do are that you can go into store and choose the shoes, if they don't have them in stock but do online then they will order them for you there and then in-store for next day delivery to your house. We have done this a couple of times and have had them before 12pm the following day. Such a fantastic service! 

Hope you enjoyed this little post and insight into what I have been wearing lately on my feet!
Have a lovely week!


  1. I'm loving this post. Do more like this again! <3

    www.nathalyjuarez (fashion&beauty blog)

    1. Thank-you very much! I have a lot of shoes, so this is more than possible!



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