Review: My Pandora ring

 Good evening, morning or afternoon depending what time it is when you read this post. I hope you are having a lovely day! I am so excited for the future of this blog. At the time of writing this post I have a book full of ideas for future blog posts and I can't wait to share them with you all! The past few months have been a little difficult for me as my anxiety/panic attacks have caused me a lot of issues in ways that they never have done in the past. But I am so glad that I am coming out onto the other side of that now. I am thinking about relaunching my blog with an updated layout and new header etc. I am also thinking about buying a domain, so if anybody has any tips or ideas with what site to go with then let me know! Now, onto the post! 

I own lots of jewellery. Topshop, Accessorise and Dorothy Perkins are my favourites when it comes to statement necklaces and I am even partial to some Primark pieces which are both fashionable and affordable, but I have never really had an item that I could wear each day until now. If you recall on my blog the other week I posted about my work experience and internship at You and Your Wedding magazine, (You can read about that HERE), and I found that being around that amount of Jewellery and pretty pieces made me want to find a staple item of my own. I spoke to my mum and she said that she wanted to buy me my very first ring as a congratulations for finishing your first year at uni, if you know me this is really a big deal!, and she also wanted to show me how proud of me she was. So we went to my local Pandora store with the intention of buying a ring. My local store has just been upgraded so it is now so much more bigger than it used to be and more open for browsing. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. The popular Pandora ring of the moment, the Princess ring. Obviously seeing how popular this ring is, it wasn't in stock. After speaking to the lovely sales assistant and checking whether it was in stock in another store I decided that I would wait and come in another day, that was until I spotted this delicate little heart ring in the corner of my eye. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and perfect for what I wanted it for. Again they didn't have it in my size, apparently I have small fingers!, so we ordered it to be delivered to the store and that was that. 

Four weeks passed and we still hadn't heard anything. So I rang up the store to be told that it had been in the store waiting for me for a couple of weeks and that they had apparently called me once and that they got no answer. This is the only issue I have with the whole process of ordering my ring from Pandora. They called me once and got no reply, no message was left and no attempt was made to call again. So it was left to me the customer to wonder where my item, that I had already paid for, was at. Never the less my mum and I went into the store to collect the ring and we left with the dainty little product all wrapped up with a bow in the cute Pandora bag. 

There is something special about leaving a shop with a gift bag and a bow! 
 This was the ring that I fell in love with. It is called the Delicate heart ring and my ring has a pink sapphire inside the heart. It is the perfect size for my finger and because it is quite simple will never go out of fashion. It is the classic piece that I was after and I am so glad that I have something that I can treasure and cherish as a gift from my mum. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to ones that I have planned. I am hoping to continue my little schedule of uploading on a Sunday and a Wednesday. I like how it works for me and hope you enjoy it too. 

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Let me know what jewellery pieces are your staples! 
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Disneyland Paris!

If you didn't already tell by the name of this blogpost but I am going to Disneyland Paris in October! My whole family is going and this is probably going to be the last time that we are going to go as a family, which means that we need to make the holiday worthwhile. One of the things that many people who know me personally realise about me is that I am a HUGE Disney fan. When others watch horror films, I watch a cute Disney one. Words just can't explain how excited I am to go. 

October seems so far away but I know that it will come around quicker than I realise. I have lots of plans for my blog in the run up and the follow up from the trip including my favourite rides, places to eat and what I am taking with me, who doesn't love a Disney haul?!?!

I have been lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris 3 times in the past and have had different experiences each time. The whole atmosphere of the parks make you feel like a child again, and the magic of the music and parades is unforgettable. 

I can't wait to go and can't wait to share my experiences with you all on here! 


My week in pictures

Over the past week or so I have been really into Instagram again. During the busy period of finishing my university portfolio I kind of stayed clear from taking pictures and being on social media a lot. But alas, I am finally back! (You can check out my instagram HERE). Here is my week, or so, in instagram posts. Let me know if you like this style of post and I can do more of these mid week!

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

This post is something little different to one that I have done before on my blog as it is more of a review/report on an exhibition rather than the usual haul/product review that I have done in the past. 
As soon as I heard that the savage beauty exhibition was coming to the V&A museum I knew I had to attend. Alexander McQueen has always been one of my favourite British designers, although I don't always agree with the method that was behind his madness. I booked my tickets back in October and I am glad that I did because they sold out very quickly. I think it is nearly impossible to prebook now and you can only really get tickets on the door if you are there early enough. 

I tried to stay clear of any reviews and photographs before I went to the exhibition as I didn't want anything to influence my opinion, however I did hear on the radio that people were disappointed with it. I have to say I was overwhelmed and amazed at the same time at how brilliant I thought it was. 
The only bad thing is that your not allowed to take pictures when you go into the exhibition. This was a little annoying for me as one of the reasons why I went was because I had to put my research into my sketchbook. There are however plenty of pictures online which will support my work. 

One thing that I can say is that the McQueen exhibition was nothing like any fashion exhibition I have been too before. I don't really want to ruin anybody's outlook on the exhibition as I know how annoying it is to give teasers to things like this. 

The exhibition as a whole was very well curated and put together. The dresses were easy to look at and there was lots of content from different collections. One of my favourite parts was where you can see the dress that was famously spray painted at one of his catwalk shows. At another part of his exhibition you walk into a room that is top to bottom of shoes, hats, dresses and props that at some point had been used in a McQueen show. 

I really suggest you go and check out Savage Beauty at the V&A you really don't want to miss it! 

Skinny Dip London

I have been totally loving accessories recently and have been keeping my eye out for some summer themed clutch's and items for my holidays this year. There are not many companies which I become obsessed with but Skinny Dip London is certainly one of them! I came aware of them a couple of months ago when I noticed the cases in the checkout aisle at topshop. Then the other week I got given a skinny dip case as a thank you present for my work experience and I fell in love all over again. Since then I have been on their website daily and I am nearly ready to commit on purchasing one of their bags! Check out some of my favourite pics! PLUS, Skinnydip London are also offering 20% Student discount at the moment which is always a bonus! 

One of their new products are these stickers that you can use to personalise things. (Think Anya Hindmarch, but more affordable!) You can literally stick them anywhere you want, which means that everything is made that more personal. 
The stickers above are just one of the packs that you can buy on their website. It's also one of my favourite packs! You can buy the packs for £10 or single stickers for £3/£4. Much more affordable than Anya Hindmarch's prices of £45. You can buy this pack HERE
 This is probably one of the coolest quirky case they have on the website. It matches the 'Unicorn Tears' bag but is in a phone form! You can buy this case for £16 HERE but be quick because there are only a few remaining!
This is the Unicorn tears cross body bag that matches the phone case. It is in the shape of a huge slurpee cup. Who doesn't love a slurpee? You can buy this bag for £28 HERE.
This popcorn cross body bag is perfect for a cinema date/evening out with your friends. Although it has just sold out on their website I am sure they will get more in stock soon! This bag is priced at £25 and you can find it on their website HERE.
This yellow crunch pouch looks like a sweet wrapper, which in my books is perfect. At the moment this clutch is on sale for £12.50 and you can get it HERE.
This Gold chrome bee case is simply gorgeous with the little diamonds on the wings and the cute honeycomb detailing. You can buy this case for £20 HERE.
This cute honeycomb clutch bag matches the phone case and is simply gorgeous, plus who doesn't want a matching phone case and clutch! You can get the clutch alone for £45 HERE.

Now this phone case sums up everything I ever wanted as a child pretty much. The falling glitter and stars reminds me so much of being by the sea and I think this is the next phone case on my list! You can get the case for £18 HERE.
If you are looking for a classic looking case, with a little bit of glam then this one may be for you! This gold glitter case is called the Dita Case and can be bought for £12 HERE.
Ever wanted a chocolate bar for a phone case? Then this case is for you! You can buy the chocky bar case for a sale price of £7.50 HERE.

Seeing as mermaids are clearly the 'in' thing at the moment, you can preorder this cute shell clutch on their website now. This bag comes with a cross body strap and is £30. The bag officially goes on sale on June 8th but considering you can pre-order I reckon it will go fast! You can get it HERE.

Check out Skinny-dip London on Twitter and Instagram for some cool photographs and inspiration! Alternatively you can check out their blog HERE.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below!