Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

This post is something little different to one that I have done before on my blog as it is more of a review/report on an exhibition rather than the usual haul/product review that I have done in the past. 
As soon as I heard that the savage beauty exhibition was coming to the V&A museum I knew I had to attend. Alexander McQueen has always been one of my favourite British designers, although I don't always agree with the method that was behind his madness. I booked my tickets back in October and I am glad that I did because they sold out very quickly. I think it is nearly impossible to prebook now and you can only really get tickets on the door if you are there early enough. 

I tried to stay clear of any reviews and photographs before I went to the exhibition as I didn't want anything to influence my opinion, however I did hear on the radio that people were disappointed with it. I have to say I was overwhelmed and amazed at the same time at how brilliant I thought it was. 
The only bad thing is that your not allowed to take pictures when you go into the exhibition. This was a little annoying for me as one of the reasons why I went was because I had to put my research into my sketchbook. There are however plenty of pictures online which will support my work. 

One thing that I can say is that the McQueen exhibition was nothing like any fashion exhibition I have been too before. I don't really want to ruin anybody's outlook on the exhibition as I know how annoying it is to give teasers to things like this. 

The exhibition as a whole was very well curated and put together. The dresses were easy to look at and there was lots of content from different collections. One of my favourite parts was where you can see the dress that was famously spray painted at one of his catwalk shows. At another part of his exhibition you walk into a room that is top to bottom of shoes, hats, dresses and props that at some point had been used in a McQueen show. 

I really suggest you go and check out Savage Beauty at the V&A you really don't want to miss it! 

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  1. I really really want to go to this exhibition. I'm sure it's all sold out though. Glad you enjoyed it!


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