My life in pictures!

It has come to that time again where I am going to do a little roundup of the things I have been photographing on Instagram. I have really been getting into my insta recently and posting pictures that I probably would have never posted. It is also great to see how quickly people interact! You can follow me on insta HERE! I will give everybody a follow back I promise!

Hope you enjoyed flicking through this little insight to my life recently! There is something great about reminiscing on photographs!

Have a lovely week!
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Sensationail gel manicure review!

 As a 'beauty blogger', you can imagine the amounts of products I have tried out to create that perfect manicure look. From gelly polishes to gel topcoats nothing has quite given that salon manicure, nothing that is until I tried the Sensationail kit. The idea behind this little gadget is that you can do your own salon manicure in the comfort of your own home. When I first tried it I was a little bit skeptical. How can you create that perfect long lasting mani by yourself! I tried it out a couple of times. Once I had perfected the whole process I was amazed at how long it lasts. It says on the box that you can have perfect nails for up to 2 weeks. This was never the case with normal varnishes. 

It is so easy to create and it is pretty much fool proof. The polishes themselves are an investment priced at £15 each it isn't your £3.99 drugstore one, but as soon as you have purchased a few they last a really long time. The idea behind me wanting the set was that I would be saving myself money in the long run as I wasn't having to go to the salon each month to get them done. You can buy the set from a variety of places. I got all of the bits together for christmas from my parents from boots, (You can buy that set HERE) but you can buy it all separate as well online along with the different colours. 

I thought I would show you how easy it is to create that perfect mani! 

The kit works in the same way that you would get it done in a nail salon. You prepare your nail then use the base/top coat and cure it for 30 seconds under the lamp. You then apply two coats of the colour curing between each one for 60 seconds again. Then you apply the base/top coat again and cure it for another 30 seconds. Finally you use the lint free wipes with the cleanser and wipe off any of the excess from the top of the nails. You are then left with nails that will not smudge or budge for at-least 2 weeks. 

I took a picture of my manicured nails using 'Coral Sunset' for two weeks to show how well they held up! 
I took this picture of my nails on the day of painting them. You may have spotted them in my recent Pandora ring post!

This was a photograph uploaded to my Instagram after the first week of having my nails done. During the week I had been at work lifting boxes and doing craft!  
This image shows my nails after the end of the second week. The only noticeable thing are the small gaps where my nails have grown. This is the only issue that you can see. My nails were chip free! 
I hope you enjoyed reading my little review on this nail kit. I couldn't recommend the Sensationail kit anymore! If you are looking for a gel kit investment then you really need to try this out! I can't wait to buy some more colours such as a classic red colour. 

Thanks for reading! 
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