Mini Superdrug haul!

You know them times when you walk into Superdrug to pick up an eyelash curler and end up leaving with a full basket? well that happened. But I can't complain I picked up some new pieces as well as some cult classics!

Superdrug eyelash curler- £1.79
 You may remember that in THIS post I mentioned how bad my Elle eyelash curler is and how I was going to have to go out and buy a new one... I bought a new one. I went back to an old classic standard Superdrugs own one. I did look at some of the other more fancier ones, but just thought wanted one that I have tried before and I knew was going to do the job. Plus if I don't like it the spare cushion-y bits fit into my old curler so I can reuse that!

 Real Techniques Shading brush- £6.99
The second item I got was the Real Techniques Shading brush. I have had my eye on this brush for a little while now but never wanted to commit to buying one. Finally I decided that it was time. I wanted a brush that was more rounded so I can blend my eyeshadow in nicely. I really like how Real Techniques have put brushes together in a little set and know that I am probably more than likely to buy a few of these in the future. Gradually my plan is to build up my RT collection, but for now I will just stick to two!
Rimmel London Wake me up foundation- £8.99
This is one of those foundation that I have read about on all kinds of blogs for the past two years. I have been a huge fan of the wake me up concealer since it first came out but never tried the foundation. I am not really one to change up my foundation as when I know something works for me, I rarely change it. I did a little tester in the store and was amazed at the match. I have since tried this on at home and am loving the results! It is still early days in the little trial period, but I will definitely let you know how I get on!

I did buy some other little bits from Makeup revolution that you can read HERE in a separate post!
I hope you enjoyed this little haul! What have you been loving in the drugstores recently?!?
Lots of love,
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  1. I own that real techniques brush, and I use it all the time!

    Nathalie | LIFES FILES

    1. It is amazing! I can't believe that I haven't tried it before!

  2. I have that real technique brush and love it. Brilliant eyeshadow brush x I really want to try the wake me up foundation, I still have yet to give it a go x

    p.s Thanks for giving me your link over on the twitter chat x
    Caitriona | Blog

    1. You should try out the wake me up foundation! It is seriously the best foundation I have tried!

      No worries. Thanks for checking out my blog :)



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