Portugal OOTD 13!

I am now writing this post sat at home in a very cold and windy England. It's safe to say that I am missing sunny Portugal already! We landed yesterday. It was an alright flight, there was little turbulence but other than that it was fine. I was a little disappointed halfway through the flight when I accidentally dropped my I-Phone charger on the floor. I asked around to see if anybody had seen it but nobody owned up to picking it up. Apparently if you drop things they suddenly belong to someone else! It upsets me how dishonest some people can be! Anyway onto this OOTD! 

The day that we left was really rainy and horrible. Thank goodness! It would be horrible to leave on a really nice day that could have been spent sitting by a pool! So for my outfit I decided to go with a pair of shorts from Matalan (So I could get some last minute sun) and a slouchy top from Hollister. I wore my usual Topshop necklace and Ray-Ban vision glasses. My hand luggage bag is my new Parfois handbag. I decided to wear my Topshop trench coat because I knew that I would feel chilly on  the plane. (Which I deffo did!)

I really hope you have enjoyed these OOTD posts over on my blog for the past two weeks! It is probably the most I have blogged in my life, and I really loved doing it! I have also never felt comfortable blogging photos of myself before this trip and that has to do with the acceptance of blogging in my family. As sad as that sounds, I have never told my family about the fact I have been a blogger for the past three years. Not that I was ashamed, but I liked the fact I was able to have a little space of the internet all to myself to write what I wanted without feeling like I was being watched. Over the past year they were beginning to realise something was going on behind closed doors. I went through a very dark time. Anxiety took over my life and I was spending a lot of time shut up in my bedroom. The only time I felt happy was whenever I would take part in blogger chats, or converse on Instagram/Twitter with people. I have come to realise that I just need to do what makes me happy and blogging is deffo one of those things for me! I hope to continue doing this and making a better life for myself! Hope you all have a lovely day! 

Lots of love, 

Top- Hollister
Shorts- Matalan
Coat- Topshop
Shoes- Toms
Necklace- Topshop
Bag- Parfois
Glasses- Ray Ban 

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