Portugal OOTD 8!

I am really getting into the hang of these OOTD posts! It was such a great decision to get help from my family with taking all of the pictures instead of trying to take them in secret. It also means I am able to get straight and in focus pictures in a shorter amount of time. Result! Anyway, last night was much cooler which allowed me to wear my longer sleeved utility style dress. This was a last minute addition to my suitcase after only realising I had 2 dresses for the evenings. I bought this from H&M a while back and have never really been sure what to wear it with, it doesn't look quite right with tights but it hasn't been warm enough to wear it without them in the UK. I am glad I am able to give it an outing here in Portugal! I wore it with just two little anklets that I bought from the craft fair we visited yesterday. One of the anklets has a couple of bells on them. This is particularly interesting as there is no chance of me getting lost when wearing it! I love the pastel blue colour and thought it was different to my usual choice of pink! The yellow one is without bells, so I reckon I will get more wear out of that one! My brothers girlfriend also bought one so we will be twins! I decided to give my eyes a little breather from my contacts so I wore my usual Ray-Ban glasses and I used my usual green pastel bag from Topshop. Finally my shoes are my New Look Sandals which have broken! The sole is starting to come off which is really frustrating because they are my favourites! I decided to curl my hair again today. Since I had brought my curlers out here, I thought I would actually use them! I only curled the ends so it took no time at all. I think curls look perfect with whatever look!

I hope you are enjoying these OOTD posts. I would be interested to know whether you would like me to continue doing these when I am back in the UK. They would probably not be as frequent but every once in the while? I have really enjoyed putting outfits together so would love to do this!
Hope you all have a lovely day! 
Lots of love, 
Dress- H&M
Glasses- Ray-Ban
Shoes- New Look
Bag- Topshop


  1. i like your handbag!

    - thatpinup.com

    1. Thank you! Its one of my favourite smaller handbags I own! xx


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