Portugal OOTN Day one!

This is probably the first ever proper OOTD that has appeared on my blog, and I am so excited to share it. Over the past two years (nearly three eek!) of blogging I have been quite hushed hushed about it with my family but I have finally come clean and admitted to the reason I spend a lot more money on makeup in more recent times! My brother is an amazing photographer as well, so I am really glad that I finally have somebody to stand behind the camera to get some shots. As I have said, this is my first ever OOTD so please excuse the awkward standing!

This was the outfit I wore on the first night of the holiday. I am in love with this maxi dress from Tommy Hilfiger. It is probably the favourite dress I have brought away with me! It is a gorgeous coral dress with flowers and parrots. It is a total holiday dress! On my feet I am wearing my trusty sandals from New Look. These are super comfy so I am sure you will be seeing them appear a lot on my blog over the next couple of weeks!  Finally my bracelet is full of pink sparkles and is from Tresor Paris.

Dress- Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes- New Look
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Bracelet- Tresor Paris

Let me know in the comments what you think of my first OOTD!
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  1. This is a lovely post!! It's so nice that you were able to tell your family about blogging, I hope they were very proud :) also your outfit is gorgeous!! I am actually in love with your shoes they're amazing!!

    1. Thanks the the lovely comment! Yeah they were really happy for me, I think they can tell that I really enjoy it. My brother has really been helping me out with it all, taking my OOTD pictures and even suggesting places to do it. I don't know why I was so shy about telling them before!


  2. You look so pretty, that bracelet is a gorgeous colour :)

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