Benefit Haul!

Just when I think I own enough makeup BAM I purchase some more. In my defence these were needed items in my makeup bag as they were repurchases but still... I have a weakness when it comes to makeup. Benefit has been one of those brands where I have near enough loved everything that I have tried.

First of all I got a new full sized Porefessional. I LOVE this product so much! Since discovering this I have used it almost every day. It makes the whole application process of foundation so much easier and you can really tell a difference when I forget to put it on. It is lightweight on the skin as well so it doesn't feel like you are adding an extra layer to your makeup. It says you can use this over your makeup as well, however I am yet to try this! I am glad that I finally bought this as I am about to run out of my sample sized versions! 

Next I have finally decided to commit to a full sized They're Real mascara. I have been obsessed with this mascara for a couple of years and always being lucky to get another sample size in Elle magazine just as one is running out. I know people have mixed reviews over this product but I love the way it works for my lashes. I don't wear falsies and these give me the effect that I am! Benefit were doing a great deal where you can get a full sized They're real with a half size eyeliner and eye makeup remover in a set for £19.50. I am yet to try the eyeliner and makeup remover so am excited to see how I get on with it! 

Another great thing about Benefit as I have mentioned are the sample sized products. I love a sample! The ladies in Benefit were very generous with the samples that they gave to me.

The first one that the gave to me which I am excited to try is Lollitint. I have heard a lot of great reviews about this product! It's intentionally a lip stain, however you can use it on your cheeks as well a a subtle blush. I am looking forward to trying this out for autumn! 

 Puff off is another sample that I am excited to try as it is something I had never heard of before, although it has been out a little while now! I think it is used under the eyes to make them less puffy. whether this works I have no idea but I am all for trying!

Finally I was given these face cream samples. One is for all over the face and the other is for under the eyes. I have tried the face moisturiser before and loved it. It is the perfect size for taking away for a weekend break so these will deffo be put into my hand luggage for Disneyland Paris, as will most of these samples! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you bought anything from Benefit recently that you think I need to try? Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a lovely week! 

London Fashion Weekend - September 2015

I hate being one of 'those' bloggers writing negative posts, but I feel like something needs to be said...

For the past 5 years my mum and I have always looked forward to visiting and attending London Fashion Weekend. For those of you who may not have heard of it, London Fashion Weekend is a way for ordinary people interested in fashion to become a part of London Fashion Week. We love this factor as it makes you feel apart of LFW as it was where the shows were held. They have stalls featuring designers from all over the world showcasing clothes, jewellery, bags and shoes. Maybelline New York are a sponsor and have a little pop up shop where you can get your makeup done. In writing it sounds amazing and usually that is the feedback I would give. This year it was different. For some reason or another it was held at the Saatchi Gallery rather than at Somerset House. Whether this is because of the move to Brewer Street I don't know! I was a little unsure how this would work out before buying tickets, as the Saatchi Gallery is considerably smaller to begin with, but as it is something my mum and I do together I bought us tickets and was looking forward to it.

As soon as we arrived you could tell it would be different. The place was heaving. I understand that with change comes issues, but there were a few things which could have been done to have made it run smoother. To begin with the 'help desk' at the front wasn't very 'helpful'. They had no clue what was on each floor and you could tell that they were very apologetic for not knowing. (For this I feel bad for them.) If you have visited the Saatchi Gallery before then you will know that it is primarily an art gallery. This can be seen by the narrow alleyways and small spaces provided. Clearly it wasn't designed for shoppers with large shopping bags! I mean it was never going to work with 2 lifts for hundreds of people! The fact there is only one set of tiny stairs as well is bonkers!

With this being said my mum and I walked around and tried to enjoy ourselves. We visited a lot of the stalls that we have previously loved. (although there didn't seem to be as many retailers there!) I treated myself to two Zoe Karssen jumpers that I love! I also fell in love with many sunglasses which I NEED! We had silver tickets so were entitled to a 'goody bag', or leaflet bag as we like to call it, and a fashion show. Seeing as there was limited space for the fashion shows it was to no surprise that the designer show Henry Holland had sold out. We watched the Trend show which usually leaves us feeling inspired. In the past couple of years of watching these shows it is nice to see the host talk though the collections then go backstage, while the models walk, before coming back out to talk some more. This was definitely not the case. Not only were there some issues with seating, but the show felt rushed. Luckily mum and I were able to sit together, this isn't the case for some of the other people around us which obviously caused many complaints and annoyed guests. The lack of show space was an issue and the show wasn't enjoyable for fear of getting in somebody's view. The whole atmosphere felt very tense and due to the long catwalk, as soon as the host walked to the other end away from where I was sitting people began to talk and it was almost as if the show hadn't started. For me this ruined the whole experience. The clothes in the show were very wearable though which is good and made a change from the outrageous looks often seen on the runway. A couple of the looks I know that I am going to be able to recreate which will be nice for autumn!

Another minor issue that I found was with Elle magazine. Each year I renew my subscription at the event and I was sad to see that the move of venue meant that Elle hadn't come with it. Such a shame seeing that you were able to still buy the issue there without renewing! I am hoping to get this sorted at some point this week!

Overall I am sad to say that this year I wouldn't recommend visiting London Fashion Weekend in the future if it continues to be at the Saatchi Gallery. Wherever you went you heard the same moans and groans of people feeling annoyed and confined to a small area. There must be a reason that it isn't at Somerset House, but the Saatchi Gallery wasn't the right place to hold it. Somerset House made you feel special and a part of something. Saatchi attracted a completely different crowd of people. The type of people who thought they had more of a right to be there than you did. I will be writing to London Fashion Weekend enquiring the change so will be updating this post if I get a reply, fingers crossed I do!

Sorry for a bit of a negative post, but I felt that something needed to be said. I hope you all have a lovely week! 

Lots of love, 


Fleur De Force Beauty!

I was really excited to hear that one of my favourite bloggers Fleur, from Fleur De Force, was coming out with her own makeup line exclusively sold at Feel Unique. In the past I hadn't really bought too much into the whole Youtuber's products business but for once I actually liked what I was seeing. As soon as it was released I instantly placed an order and i'm so glad that I did!

The range of products available are quite small compared to other youtube collaborations but I am so glad that it is. You can tell that thought has gone into each individual product which potentially may not have been there if the collection was bigger. I have no idea whether this collection will expand, I for one hope that it does! A nice little personal touch to the products are that they are all named after stars which is something Fleur loves! The collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, 6 Lip glosses, a mirror and a makeup bag. I decided to go with a product from each range to test it out to see how I liked it.

First of all I got the eyeshadow palette in Cosmic Bronze. Bronze colours are always a go to for me as I know that it suits my skin tone. It is also a lot more wearable for me personally and I knew I would get a lot more use out of this than the purple toned palette. The palette also comes with a small brush which I would usually throw away. I was surprised at how good it actually is to use! Although I know I will be using a bigger brush when applying the shadows it is handy to have in emergencys! The eyeshadow quad costs £7.99 which is so affordable and a bargain for the quality of the shadows! You can shop for this quad HERE!

Next I decided to go for a dark lip. This is something very daring for me as I am usually one to go for the nudes! After watching Fleur's announcement video of the products I fell in love with 'Starry Starry Night' so I knew that I needed to try it out! I have never enjoyed wearing a lip colour as much as this! It is so fun to wear and has a lovely vanilla scent to it! The formulation is a mix up between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss which I love! I know with the autumn weather coming up I am going to get ALOT of use out of this! Also can we talk about the adorable packaging? You can shop for this lipgloss HERE!

A nice touch that Feel Unique are doing is that if you buy two products you get a free mirror. I don't know how long they are going to be doing this deal so you should take advantage of it while you can! The mirror is the perfect size for the handbag and is super pretty as well. It features Fleur's distinctive watercolour print that matches the makeup bag and her book! Both of which you can get online.

I am desperate to get some more of the lip glosses. I have my eyes on Written in the stars! Have you tried out any of Fleur's products? Let me know what I need to try below!

Have a lovely day! 
Lips- Starry Starry Night- Fleur de force 

Ong Oaj Pairam SS16

It's that time of year when fashion bloggers far and wide flock to London with camera's at the ready to snap away at stylish people wandering past. I am of course talking about London Fashion Week! Living close to London means that I am really lucky to have the opportunity to attend shows.

This season started with Ong Oaj Pairam's show at Hotel Cafe Royal in Regents street. Being a big fan of Ong's previous collections I was so excited to attend. As soon as the heat sensitive invite arrived I knew we were in for a treat this season, and I was definitely not left disappointed. The show itself was rather intimate. The show was in the Pompadour room which was a thing of beauty. From the ceiling to the ornate doors it set the scene perfectly for the show.

The show consisted of feminine silhouettes in classic tones. Pops of colour were added with a stunning Fuchsia long sleeved dress which was by far my favourite look of the whole show! 

I really enjoyed attending the show and am already looking forward to the next one! 
Congratulations Ong! 

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