A Topshop, New Look and Zara fashion haul

I think it is time to admit it..I have a shopping problem. The first step to improving is admitting right? Anyway, this week I made a cheeky visit to my local shopping centre to have a little browse for LFW outfit ideas. Of course like most shopping trips these 'ideas' actually turned into 'buying' and I am excited to share some of the bargains that I have got!

When it comes to Topshop sales I much prefer to look online than in store. The stores always tend to resemble a jumble sale so I usually stay clear. That is until Friday when I noticed that there was extra 20% off sale items. Yes 20%! An absolute bargain if you ask me! Being a student I was also able to get another 10% off that so I know that all of my purchases are justified! First things first I noticed this green crocheted high neck crop. I am usually not one to go for a crop top but I visioned it looking perfect with a high waisted leather skirt for London fashion week.

Green Crotchet Top -£7.00
 Next I spotted this skirt. Again it is really different to what I usually go for. It zips up at the front and has rough edging. It is made out of a crepe fabric and is quite heavy. I am excited to wear this with a white jumper in the colder months.

Crepe Skirt- £25.00
Finally from Topshop I got this hooded scarf shawl 'thing'. with the winter months approaching and the mornings and evenings getting a lot colder I wanted something that I could wear on the train. I also think that it being styled over a leather jacket could look really cute! The colour also brightens up any outfit! Also when I got to the till it was even cheaper than the initial price on the tag was!
Hooded shawl- £7.00
Next was Zara. Seeing as I am going to Disneyland Paris (eep!) in October when the weather is a lot colder I thought that buying a new winter hat would be totally appropriate! This hat is from the TRF range in Zara and is made out of the softest wool ever! I got it in this faded brown colour for myself and the white for my mum!
Wool Hat- £7.99
One of my weaknesses when it comes to winter fashion is boots. I love a pair of boots! New Look seemed to have gone all out this year with this sector! They have every design of boots in every single colour you could ever wish for! I went with these mid heeled chunky boot. I have a pair in green from River Island that I love, but they are higher than I would be wearing every day! These boots are perfect for travelling to and from uni. They give me a little bit of height without being uncomfortable to wear!
Heeled chunky boots- £29.99
You may be able to tell from the better image quality that I have got a new camera. I have been working with my dad for the past 4 weeks to earn some money to purchase it. I was stuck between two cameras. The Nikon 1 and the Olympus Pen E-PL7. After lots of research and testing out of cameras I decided to go with the Olympus Pen. I am so happy with it! If people are interested in me doing a review then I can do one!

Have a lovely week! 


  1. those boots look amazing!!! great choice! :) xx


    1. Thankyou!! I love them so much! And they are super comfortable! <3 xx

  2. The crepe skirt is perfect!

    Kiran | www.alittlekiran.co.uk

    1. Thank-you!

      I am still trying to figure out how to style it properly but I LOVE it!

      Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  3. I love those boots and that crop top from topshop!! I can definitely see it working great with a leather skirt like you said!


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment!

      I had the vision of wearing it with my leather skirt for LFW but think it will be far to cold to wear it tomorrow! ahh!


  4. Seeing your wooly hat reminds me that I'm so in need for a new wooly hat and yours is sooo cute! and the boots are gorgs :)

    Alexandria from http://lexislifestyle.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. You need to get yourself to a Zara! It is the softest thing I have ever worn!

      Thanks for the lovely comment! <3



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