Fleur De Force Beauty!

I was really excited to hear that one of my favourite bloggers Fleur, from Fleur De Force, was coming out with her own makeup line exclusively sold at Feel Unique. In the past I hadn't really bought too much into the whole Youtuber's products business but for once I actually liked what I was seeing. As soon as it was released I instantly placed an order and i'm so glad that I did!

The range of products available are quite small compared to other youtube collaborations but I am so glad that it is. You can tell that thought has gone into each individual product which potentially may not have been there if the collection was bigger. I have no idea whether this collection will expand, I for one hope that it does! A nice little personal touch to the products are that they are all named after stars which is something Fleur loves! The collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, 6 Lip glosses, a mirror and a makeup bag. I decided to go with a product from each range to test it out to see how I liked it.

First of all I got the eyeshadow palette in Cosmic Bronze. Bronze colours are always a go to for me as I know that it suits my skin tone. It is also a lot more wearable for me personally and I knew I would get a lot more use out of this than the purple toned palette. The palette also comes with a small brush which I would usually throw away. I was surprised at how good it actually is to use! Although I know I will be using a bigger brush when applying the shadows it is handy to have in emergencys! The eyeshadow quad costs £7.99 which is so affordable and a bargain for the quality of the shadows! You can shop for this quad HERE!

Next I decided to go for a dark lip. This is something very daring for me as I am usually one to go for the nudes! After watching Fleur's announcement video of the products I fell in love with 'Starry Starry Night' so I knew that I needed to try it out! I have never enjoyed wearing a lip colour as much as this! It is so fun to wear and has a lovely vanilla scent to it! The formulation is a mix up between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss which I love! I know with the autumn weather coming up I am going to get ALOT of use out of this! Also can we talk about the adorable packaging? You can shop for this lipgloss HERE!

A nice touch that Feel Unique are doing is that if you buy two products you get a free mirror. I don't know how long they are going to be doing this deal so you should take advantage of it while you can! The mirror is the perfect size for the handbag and is super pretty as well. It features Fleur's distinctive watercolour print that matches the makeup bag and her book! Both of which you can get online.

I am desperate to get some more of the lip glosses. I have my eyes on Written in the stars! Have you tried out any of Fleur's products? Let me know what I need to try below!

Have a lovely day! 
Lips- Starry Starry Night- Fleur de force 


  1. Ooh such amazing photography! And this sounds like an amazing line, I'm definitely going to have to check it out <3

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

    1. I have been working on my photography so that comment means a lot! Thank you!

      You should try it out. I love the lipstick SO much!


  2. Replies
    1. It really is! I am hoping to get the other palette in the range!

      Thanks for reading!


  3. I really want to try out her range as it looks amazing! Just don't know what shades to get think you've tempted me with Starry Starry Night!

    Parie xx


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