Instagram round up!

 It's been a while since I have posted a little Instagram post round up. Instagram is an app which I love due to the easiness of posting and viewing pictures! I also love stalking all my favourite celebs. Kylie Jenner I am looking at you! This month/ last month I posted lots of updates and OOTD's. I really enjoyed posting these sort of images whilst I was away and felt comfortable for the first time doing so! I hope you enjoy this post :) Caution it will be VERY picture heavy!

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The Sunset in Cascais, Portugal August 2015.
My attempt of a fancy picture.. 

Little OOTD in the backstreets of Portugal! 
Vintage pattern and print!
My little princess OOTD. 
I have that 'Posing into the distance' look sorted!
Souvenir galore in Lisbon!  
Anyone for a postcard?
Went into a restaurant to find a toilet and ended up finding a swing instead! 
Reading 'Pretty Little Liars' on my kindle this holiday has been the absolute best! 
Out for a meal for my Dad's 50th birthday! 
Exploring a local Portuguese festival <3
Curly hair, don't care! 
My first trip to the mothership that is Sephora! 
The sky in Lisbon is SO pretty! 
The nicest Carbonara of the holiday! 
Posing in shades and crochet!  
One of my favourite outfits from this holiday! (I made the trousers myself!)
There I go again with the looking into the distance pose! 
Final night of holiday OOTD! 
Always time to fit in a little OOTD photoshoot! 
Back in the UK and driving my baby blue. (check out the matching jeans and car colour)
My go to look at the moment, Pink Plaid matte lipstick and Hip n Happy lip pencil! 
I finally found it! An Oreo sandwich ice cream! 
My little Sephora Haul! 
Loving the colours in Ted Baker at the moment! 
First day at work OOTD. Black Jeans in the summer? SO not fair! 

Bringing a bit of Disney magic into the office! 
My new manicure! Nude with a gold glitter accent! 
My favourite shoes at the moment! (SO excited for Disneyland Paris)
A DIY 50th Birthday present for my Daddy's birthday! If anybody wants a tutorial on this let me know! 
The selection of boots that New Look have to offer this season. IN LOVE! 
A very wintery OOTD. Leather skirt, plaid shirt and trench coat. <3
London Fashion Week invites...ITS COMING! 


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm obsessed with Instagram lately haha :P x

    1. Thank-you! I am too!

      Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  2. Pictures look lovely!!!

    Lee |


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