Louis Vuitton - Series 3 exhibition

I first heard about the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition after reading Elle Magazine and spotting an advert amongst the pages. To be honest I didn't think much of it and carried on flicking through. It wasn't until LFW began that I read some hype over it on twitter. After finding out it was free to attend, I booked a guided tour slot. I am so glad I did because words can't describe how amazing of an experience it was! The whole idea of the exhibition is to explore the ideas and methods behind the Autumn Winter 2015/16 collections. The exhibition, based in The Strand, has been designed to reference previous fashion shows and the whole atmosphere made you feel very special. Tours are every 15 minutes and its essential to go on one to get the best experience you can. The tour guide was fantastic. He seemed to know everything from the bags, to the shoes, he was fantastic! He also made the experience really pleasant by cracking jokes every now and then!

The entrance to the exhibition had this LV rotating display that was hidden behind various polarised panels. The guide told us that this was supposed to give the viewer a different experience of the LV lettering from various angles. The middle angle being the best view.

This display was designed to mimic a previous interior of past fashion shows. 

 This trunk case is such an iconic Louis Vuitton item. I remember seeing one of these in various american films and falling in love with them. I would LOVE to own one!

 The exhibition had these cool screens that made you feel like you were stitching one of the bags. It was so weird to watch others sit as you could just see the hands moving.

 Another room was set out to look like another fashion show. The models were placed in the stands and we were told by the attendant to walk all the way around to feel like we are a part of the fashion show.

 This lady has spent the past week making these bags. She said that she loves doing it and feeling apart of the brand.

 This bag may be my favourite one out of the whole collection that we saw! I love the simple white with the red and navy blue! This shape is also one of my favourites!

I am really glad that I decided to go to the exhibition. As a Fashion student it is always interesting to see the ideas behind others collections. The fact that it was free is amazing as they could have charged and I would have paid! A nice touch is that you are allowed to take home with you some stickers as a souvenir. You were also given a poster of the exhibition which is great. I am going to be framing mine!

Hope you liked this post, have you been to the exhibition? What did you think if you did go! 

Have a lovely day! 



  1. great as usual :) have a nice week :)


  2. Oh wow! This looks incredible... can't believe it's free! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  3. Were u abld to stay after the tour??


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