Disneyland Paris Haul!

Probably one of my most favourite kind of posts to read are hauls. Especially Disney filled hauls! I have recently returned from a 4 day Halloween trip to Disneyland Paris with a suitcase full of goodies to share with you all! I have plans to upload a little trip post full of my pictures around the parks so stay tuned for that soon! Hope you enjoy!

I have been to Disneyland Paris in the past and had never seen the need or reason to purchase the Disney Photopass+. This trip was a little different for us. In the past we have always said we would return at some point as a family as everybody loves going. My brother and I are getting older now and I think this trip may have been the last time we would return as a group of 4, 5 including my brother's girlfriend. We wanted to capture every moment that we could so thought that this was needed! Because we were staying on site in the Sequoia Lodge, we were given a 10 euro off code so we were able to purchase this for 30 euros. The photo pass is a little different in Disneyland Paris than in other parks. Your not able to use this on as many rides as they didn't all have cameras. But it was nice to get a couple of pictures from each ride that did, whereas in the past we wouldn't have bothered. We got photos from Space mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Tower of Terror and Rocking roller coaster. 

The next necessity when attending a Disney park are minnie mouse ears. I knew I wanted some for my trip and went online to purchase these before arriving. I am so glad that I did because nowhere in the parks were selling them at all! I asked a couple of the cast members why they weren't, as many people approached me asking, and I got the response that they were not being restocked as the Halloween period was ending. We arrived on 24th October and a lot of the Halloween merch was replaced with Christmas stuff already which was a little disappointing, but as there was lots of other bits it didn't matter too much. I got these ears on the Disney Store website for £15. You can no longer get these but they have the Christmas version in stock!

As previously mentioned, we visited Disneyland at the end of October. The weather was really odd. It would be quite warm during the day with lots of sun, but in the evening the temperature would drop and be really really cold. So I treated myself to this minnie mouse bow beanie hat. I wanted a hat like this that I could wear when back in the UK as well. I like the nod to Minnie mouse with this hat without feeling like a complete wally. This hat was 16 Euros.

I am a complete stationary hoarder. So I knew that I wanted to come away with a notepad of some sort. This one really stood out to me. It has plain different coloured pages inside, with a holographic Disney Dreams inspired front cover. The Disney Dream's show is one of my favourite things about Disney. It feels so special to go and watch as it has been put together so well. I am really glad that Disneyland Paris have brought this over from the US!  This was 7.99 Euros.

Of course I needed a pen to go with that notepad right? I had initially seen the minnie mouse version of this pen that was pretty much the same but had a bow on the ears. But as soon as I spotted this one I thought it looked nicer and much neater. The pen was 5.99 Euros.

One of my most favourite shops in Disneyland paris is the year round christmas shop hidden right inside the castle. I buy a new decoration every year so knew I wanted to pick one up in Disneyland. First of all I spotted this gorgeous glittery star, with a silver dressed tinker bell sitting on it. I don't quite know why I liked this one so much, but I am obsessed with stars so thought it was fitting! This was 7.99 Euros.

I had spotted these previously on the Disney Store website and had eyed this up to purchase when I got to the parks. I couldn't choose between this one or Rapunzel, but went with Minnie Mouse as she is my original Disney love! The shoe is such great quality and has lots of detail on it. On the inside of the sole there is Minnie's signature. I think this is going to look perfect on my tree, Although I do want to keep it down throughout the year as an ornament. This decoration cost 15.99 Euros.

Last time I went to Disney I picked up one of these clear tumblrs with a simple mickey mouse icon on the front. These are the perfect size for holding makeup brushes in so I decided to stock up on 2 more of these! These were around 3 euros each. So they were really cheap and affordable!

Another glass that I fell in love with was this deconstructed Mickey Mouse icon glass. It's a Disneyland parks exclusive and I think its perfect! I haven't quite decided whether I am going to use it or to keep it as special item. It cost around 5 Euros.

Every time I visit Disney I always pick up a snow globe with the year on. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't much of a selection this year but I am glad that I bought this when I did! It cost 7 Euros 99.

Now I couldn't go to Disneyland without coming home with a toy or two right? As soon as I spotted this little beauty I knew I had to get it. For those that are unaware this is Thumper, and he is the softest little thing I have ever had in my life! Thumper was 22 Euros. I also treated myself to one little Tsum Tsum while I was there. They were 5 euros which I think is about the same as in the UK. They have pretty much the same collection there, except with the parks sticker on them. I got Marie.

Finally I got this Mickey Mouse blanket. I had seen lots of little kids with these all over the parks and wanted to pick one up for my bed at home. This one is absolutely perfect and exactly what I had wanted. It ended up being a lot cheaper than I thought as well as if you spent over 30 euros you got this blanket for 10. (A bargain seeing as I wanted to buy it anyway!)

I did also purchase a red Mickey zip up hoody on my last day. I didn't manage to photograph it individually which is a shame but it was a parks exclusive and I love it! 

I hope you enjoyed my Disneyland Paris haul! 

All Black Friday!

Black Friday, the one day of the year where shoppers go crazy for products we don't need, at ridiculously low prices! Alright I admit, I am a sucker for a sale and plus with all the discounts you can get an amazing head start on presents for christmas!

The other week I was approached by the lovely Faith at Boohoo to see whether I would like to take part in their 'All Black Friday' campaign. Of course that was a silly question seeing as I have loved Boohoo.com for such a long time. It was the first store that I ever ordered from online and since then I have been impressed by the range of affordable fashion that they have to offer. 

I loved the challenge of styling a whole black outfit. I would describe my fashion as quite casual. I love to be comfortable, but I also like to add a rockier edge to my outfits if possible too! I knew how I wanted to style my outfit version of black Friday.

The first thing I choose was the Vanessa Faux Fur Gilet. I am loving faux fur at the moment and especially liking how soft and comfortable this one is. I have been loving wearing it over the top of a leather jacket as well as any knitwear of my choice. Another positive of it being black is that it goes with everything as well!

I also choose the Maria Soft Knit Jumper Dress. As soon as I spotted this on the Boohoo website I knew it was what I was missing in my life! I feel like this dress is a little gem in my wardrobe now. You can dress it up or dress it down which is amazing especially with the festive party season coming up! The dress is also thick enough to not need to wear anything underneath, but thin enough that you don't get hot! I absolutely love this and can't wait to wear it throughout the winter period.

 *Gilet- Boohoo
*Jumper Dress- Boohoo 
Tights- Primark
Bag- Michael Kors
Glasses- Ray-Ban
Shoes- Topshop
Hat- River Island
*Hair Ties- Boohoo

To finish off my outfit I chose to wear these Topshop boots that I got for christmas a couple of years ago. They give me a little bit of height without being uncomfortable. I also had my hair up in a loose plait using the Sarah Animal Print Hair and Wrist Ties. These are a nice touch to the look as they give a subtle touch of colour/print in a discreet way. Plus you can also use them as a little bracelet when not having it in your hair! Finally I wore my River Island hat. I bought this a long time ago and have only just started to style it up to fit my personality. I love how it looks with this outfit and I feel like it finishes it off!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! 
I really enjoyed teaming up with Boohoo.com to create my all black Friday look! 

What are you loving on the Boohoo website? Let me know down in the comments! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

*Some items mentioned in this post were gifted to me, however all opinions are my own.